First Impressions: The New Logitech Rally Camera


Conference cam powerhouses Logitech are continuing to shape the industry with higher quality cameras and innovative tech designed to form video meetings feel more life-like.

Their previous release, the PTZ Pro 2 camera, set a replacement bar for USB conference cams with advanced optics and premium performance that made video meetings feel more like sitting face-to-face within the same room. The new Rally camera has stepped the sport up even further, setting a replacement standard for USB cameras with its advanced automatic framing technology that seamlessly creates the right shot, whenever .

The Rally offers a clear upgrade to the PTZ Pro 2 (as reflected within the price tag) but the 2 appeal to a really different use case. Nevertheless, the similar form factors do invite a comparison to know exactly what additional improvements Logitech have packed into this sleek little camera.

First Look

The most obvious difference between the Rally and therefore the PTZ Pro 2 is that the size. While the physical design of the Rally may be a lot different to the PTZ Pro 2, the general size can’t be ignored. Not only is that the Rally larger in stature, but maybe even more notably in weight. The lens area of the Rally is around 10mm larger than the PTZ Pro 2, and while this is often alittle change it does appear to be a much bigger difference when the 2 are side by side and should offer better performance in low light conditions. If you more detail about logitec cameras so visit our site Logitech Meetup

Overall, the Rally boasts a sleeker look and feel with noticeably higher quality materials. The cleaner appearance is helped by the neat under-mount box which neatly houses the facility adaptor box. This not only looks sleeker but makes accessing the facility box much easier for any maintenance requirements. This really may be a feature designed for more permanent installations or where the unit is wall mounted.

Logitech also brought the planning a breakthrough with the remote . the planning has been completely streamlined with a replacement eight-way directional touchpad, with buttons to zoom, mute and access camera pre-sets. the planning of the remote resembles a rather larger and heavier version of the widely recognised Apple TV remote and feels equally as quality with metals instead of plastics used for the front case.

User Experience

The Rally really performs in terms of user experience, and it’s designed to be as intuitive as possible to use. Logitech have come to the fore with a replacement technological offering in RightSense™, a set of proactive technologies that automatically detect zoom, framing and lighting conditions to make sure your meetings are perfectly focused and well lit. In theory, users should be spending less time twiddling with camera settings, in order that meetings are often dedicated to the important stuff. The Rally is additionally compatible with virtually any Logitech Rally Video Conference application right out of the box.

Combine this with further improvements to the remote , which now uses an RF connection (as against the IR used on the PTZ Pro 2.) This not only offers better range than the more primitive IR, but will work no matter where you’re pointing the remote, whether or not you’re in direct line-of-sight of the device. Logitech still have the user in mind with clutter-free cabling, USB-C 3.0 connection and extra features like camera pre-sets and privacy assurance.

Recommended Use Case

The Rally’s intuitive technology packs a punch with a touch more design finesse for those with more ambitious conferencing requirements. Logitech has claimed that the Rally is meant for wall mount or inverted near the ceiling. The cabling and hardware provided leave a neat and durable wall or inverted near-ceiling mount. The supplied hardware doesn’t allow the Rally Camera to be ceiling mounted, however, it’ll work normally while inverted.

A good rule of thumb would be to suggest this camera be mounted on or a minimum of in close proximity to a wall meaning that each one or most of the space are going to be accessible to the panning range of the Rally.