First time Saudi government has given women the right to vote.


RIYADH: Saudi government in the first time of history has given the right to vote to women after which their registration has begun has voter however still they cannot make any passport or bank account.

According to Saudi Arabs’ Government News Agency Saudi government to give women the right to vote they are being registered their votes in a huge quantity because they may voting in the elections which is going to be held in December and intrude their part in the decisions of the country.

After this important decision women are not only being registered themselves as voter while they are also being registered themselves as candidates till 30th of August.

Giving women the right to vote to approve the measure before the former kings of Saudi King Abdullah was in 2011 that In 2013 he commanded the royal decree council that they set 2 percent of women in Saudi Parliament which has been approved now.

According to Local Media in the elections holding in December 70 women are going to participate as candidate. 50 % of the members of parliament will be elected by a vote of the people.

It is cleared that despite this initiative headed by women without men in Saudi passport and is not allowed to open a bank account.