Fitbit Charge 3 Review–Latest Fitness Tracker from fitbit



Fitbit is stirring into the world of smartwatches and it is the bestselling brand of devices and concerns about fitness trackers. It was introduced with new features including a swim-proof design and a Versa motivated look. Its previous version Fitbit Charge 2 was ranked as best fitness tracker by several product review sites including Consumer Search, Consumers Verdict, PCmag, Tomshardware, Nytimes etc also visit best fitness watches

Working ofFitbit Charge 3:

Fitbit has launched the charge 3 with its smartwatches including its developed heart rate sensor and with blood oxygen sensor. The change in the design is the charge 3 that has the swim-proof up to 50metres water depth and you will be accessible to view the duration on the tracker.

There are 15 exercise modes in charge 3 commencing with swimming, biking, running, weight training and yoga. You can assign goals for calories to be burned and can view the result and progress during the workouts.

Fitbit even has done redesigning on the Charge line and now uses an aerospace grade aluminium case instead of surgical grade stainless steel. This aids in making the charge3 lighter and OLED display is protected by the Gorilla glass 3. You will be accessible to swipe and tap around the interface, in fact, it has an inductive button which provides haptic feedback when you touch it. You can see and modify notifications from apps, text, and calendars.

If you are accessible with android you can respond to text messages with instant replies. Fitbit is also working well on sleep and you will be accessible to see the numerical score for how healthy you sleep, even you will be able to tool down and view the other scores of the sleep. The SpO2 sensor detects regarding your breathing while you are in a sleep that will be illustrated in your sleep score.

FitbitCharge 3 Fitness Tracker Pros:

  • Fitbit Charge 3 tracks the heart rate aids in measuring calorie burn and utilizes zone for increased workout goals.
  • Pure Pulse heart rate mechanically tracks the time exhausted in light, deep and sleep. It even receives notifications about calls, messages, and calendar on display and also stores and plays multiple songs.
  • Tracks the workout history and also views the summary of it and even connects GPS to navigate your routes, also tracks how long and how healthy you sleep and assigns a vibrating alarm.

Other features of Fitbit Charge 3:

  • Fitbit Charge 3 has swim tracking which tracks the duration of the swim and automatically recognizes the number of workouts done.
  • Displays smart notifications, instant replies and also displays time and weather conditions.
  • With this, you will be accessible to accept and reject calls even and that will send a response to the mobile if you are an android user.
  • The display of the Fitbit is sharp and crisp and even has added a greyscale which forms a visual hierarchy which aids in the display to be viewed in bright conditions.
  • Available in black and graphite colour.

Final thoughts:

In the event that you want to enhance your workout session then you should go for this smart device.  Fitbit Charge 3 will keep you motivated by guiding you about the progress of the session and not only that but it will also help you know your body to a greater extent. This water-proof device is best while swimming and for counting steps and will keep you updated by connecting to your mobile phone. It will make it easy for you to achieve your desired result.