Five Essay Writing Tips – What’s the Point?



Essay writing is simple, but not easy. Unfortunately, it is a must for every student regardless of the course of study or institution to write essays. But only a few students are familiar with the essay writing process. Well, they say practice makes perfect, but is it true? That’s true, but most students don’t practice and that makes it hard for them to get familiar with the process.

In fact, it becomes even more complicated as the internet gets jam-packed with essay writing advice that may not be so helpful. This leaves students stranded not knowing which advice to follow. Other essay writers online are also trying their best to help beginners with tips and tricks. But is it helping?

Some students complain lack of time as the cause of not being able to write good essays but even those with enough time claim they lack the required skills to write great essays.

Well, writing is a boring process so it requires some commitment.

So to make the process easy and interesting, we decided to share these five essay writing tips.

Understand the Question

Some students when asked, they say they read the essay questions before they start writing the paper. But reading is not enough. Reading and understanding the question makes it easy to draft a good essay that will get good grades.

Sometimes the essay question will ask to critically evaluate something, compare and contrast or analyze a particular situation.

Remember, each question has its expectations. Without understanding the essay question properly students end up submitting something totally different from what was asked or submitting work without the required elements.

Make Your Essay Easy to Read

You are writing an essay that will be graded but you are not in a competition for new and complicated words. That means, your instructor is going to skim read your essay to know whether you understand the topic and whether you have followed instructions to the latter.

By skim reading, your professor will use only a few minutes on your essay and he should be able to understand what you have written. Therefore, it’s good to structure your essay in a way that the key points are visible immediately.

Write a Thesis Statement in the Introduction

When it comes to essay writing, a thesis statement is something you cannot disregard. It is an important part of the introduction of your essay. Remember, the thesis statement is meant to tell the reader what your essay is about. Put it as short and straightforward as possible.

While a thesis statement is mandatory in every introduction of an essay, you should not make it as your starting sentence. The best place to include the thesis statement of an essay is at the end of the introductory paragraph to act as a transition to the body of the essay.

Write Simple and Short Sentences

Long sentences make the essay look boring. Complicated sentences make the essay less easy to understand. It will confuse the instructor and that could hurt your grading. Using complicated sentences in your essay doesn’t make you look professional. In fact, it shows the instructor that you cannot summarize information. The more complex sentences you use the more chances of committing errors in your essay.

Use simple sentences; break your work in sections to make it readable to yourself and the instructor as well.

Cite Examples

Unless it is an example from your own life experience, cite anything you mention that you have read somewhere, whether you are using direct quotations or not. Referencing sources will show credibility and will reinforce the points you wish to prove.

Lastly, when you are done writing your essay, ensure to revise it thoroughly. This way you will be able to detect spelling mistakes, incorrect sentence structure, and typos that you could not spot when writing.