Fixing Shower Leaks with Ease

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If we talk about water leakage, then shower leaks, then shower leak is among one of the most common leaks in a typical Singapore home. A leaky shower not only affects your bathroom’s aesthetics but also leads to mold growth. The problem is that shower leaks inside the walls are difficult to notice. In such a case, you might need handyman expertise and services, for which Fast Plumber is well-recognized in Singapore. In this article, we will present important information about shower leaks and the simple ways to fix it.


1). Know the Water Leakage Spot


The first thing is to spot the water leakage spot in the shower. To do this, remove the plate attached to the shower in order to check if there is sufficient room around its valve to review the connections of that valve.Try to remove a part of a wall just behind the considered valve to check the valve plus its related piping. Occasionally homeowners fix a checking panel fixed on the wall which is behind a shower so they can easily check or fix water pipes going to your tub and its shower. If it is like that, just remove the panel for its inspection. For various homes, it is essential for cutting a slight window to do it out of that drywall to view the considered water pipes


2). Cut the Inspection Window


Using an equipment for finding stud cut window in the drywall, but before, you must look for studs fixed in wall. Most houses have these studs on its 16 inches centers, implying that each stud is 16 inches center to their center. Please keep in mind that those showers are not big enough along its side, with that valve has to have those two studs at the right spot. The carpenter you will call can just use the two in the center of the wall with that valve so they will support and secure that valve.


3). Repair a Leaking Shower Arm


Repairing a shower arm is not very difficult, you only need to be a bit smart. The decorative covering at the back edge of your shower is the key to solving this issue. 

this covering can be removed, it can either be split down into pieces or can be removed without removing the shower. In some cases, they are fixed which means that you will have to take care of the shower. 

you have to take it off, for checking the shower arm. The most common issue in arm leakage is the loose connections or it can be the threads that are not tightened properly. 

You will need to get a wire brush for cleaning the inner side of the arm. Once you have cleaned it you will need some Teflon tape,  fix the tape at the joints and screws once everything is dried up.     


4). Repair a Leaking Shower 


Fixing a leaking pipe is a bit tricky because you have to think about the making of the pipe first. Usually, many companies have got this pattern of having cold water at the very last valve, while hot water will always be in the inner side. 

There can be two issues in valve leakage, either the inner partition has a flaw, because of which you will not get properly heated water. 

On the other hand, this can be an outer edge leakage that can look like water blockage. for the latter case you will have to cut the pipe and add a coupling, for the former you must add a cartridge.        

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