Football World Association FIFA has announced


The Football World Association FIFA has announced of the Telstar 18 for the World Cup, which would be played in Russia in 2018.

The Telstar Football was used for the first time in the 1970 World Cup.


FIFA said about the Telstar football “This football classic football is made with modern panel design and modern technology”.

This is made by a famous German company Adidas.

Since 1970 until now, Adidas provides football for every World Cup.

FIFA has expected that this football would be more famous than the past football.

The players used to criticize the team “Team Gest” used in the 2006 World Cup and said that the football was very light and the ball’s performances changed after it became wet.

Spain’s Goal Keeper said Brazil’s Jolie Sezer about the jawlical ball in the 2010 World Cup said it was a “supermarket” ball.

The ‘Barazoka’ ball used in 2014 was more popular than jawlic.

The football used in 1970 had 32 different panels, 12 of which were black. It is said about the football that it was the first ball made for TV. Due to its 12 black stripes, it could be seen well on TV.