For the Hajj pilgrims and Ummrah Saudi Ministry of Health announced harsh restrictions.


JEDDAH: 1436 Hijri Saudi Ministry of Health announced harsh restrictions for the Hajj pilgrims and Ummrah. Pakistani Hajj pilgrims must presented polio certificate. While all pilgrims must bring the certificate of meningitis has been presented.

This year the Ministry of Health on Hajj Haram told all the guests. The meningitis vaccine and other mandatory by getting the vaccine arrived in Saudi Arabia. Domestic and Foreign Minister gave suggestion to especially Heart, Kidneys, Breathing, Nerves and diabetes patient that they must inject season influenza.

This recipe pregnant women, children under 5 years and obese people have been overwhelming. Minister of Health further said to old and helplessly disease patients that the program should postpone the Hajj and its security due to the condition of the physical afford not to perform.

Health Ministry spokesman Khaled Alamghazi diseases in all countries noted the Health Ministry is constantly monitoring the situation for this work a committee was developed.

It will examine the national and international situation continuously. According to reports, several countries including Pakistan polio food ban has been imposed on pilgrims.

Those who come from these countries reached 6 weeks of state anti-polio diet is important. In contract with reaching the state will be administered polio drops.