For the research on goats scientists are lived like goats.


LONDON: On the Alpine hills of Switzerland Thomas was walked like goats till 3 days. The time spent in a herd of goats and sheep so they can study the attitudes and behaviors of goats.
Scientist namely Thomas developed an essential instrument to walk like goats on 4 legs. The important purpose of it was that animals think him similar to them and not a feeling of strangeness.

According to Thomas such problems were far from their consciousness freed and wanted to spend some time with nature. For it he used machine hands and feet which were especially designed by a designer and daily walked on hills like goats and very soon been familiar to animals and came closer to them.

Hereinafter he decided to write a book namely Goat Man” that will publish soon. It was further said by Thomas that it was difficult to walk for him when goats and sheep looked towards to him and came closer to him so he was pretty happy to look it. A time came when goats thought him a part of their crowd while during he studied them and also noted their several habits.