Forcefully on strength and money peace cannot bring in any country.


GENOA: It was said by American President Barack Obama including United States of America non single country individually can solve problems of any country while forcefully on strength and money peace cannot be in other countries.

On the occasion of the 70th session of the United Nations, The President of United States Barack Obama said when he was being addressing that we need to protect democracy to move forward while the United Nations has helped to promote the principles of democracy.

We need to consider on its’ achievements and our destination is also very away. We are being seen several times that big nations are being destroyed because nations are been succeed when they find path of peace with each other.

It was said by Barack Obama further that we can finish poverty only when we are united but in the world advantage is being taken of people’s fear.

No one country saves by terrorism and financial issues. No matter how much America is powerful not a single country including America can solve the problem of any country individually.

It was said by the President of America in his addressed that Sanctions against Russia not reflect a return to the Cold War America wants strong Russia which is work together with us while America is ready to solve the problem of Syria together with Russia and Iran collectively.

He was added that helping refugees is not only humanitarian work but this is in countries own interest. United States of America will continue its efforts to support refugees while to solve the problem of Syria all the nations must be united.

It was further added by the President of America that we learnt a lesson from Iraq that forcibly peace cannot bring in any country on the basis of strength and money. Because now to occupied on areas are not still been a symbol of strength.

Now the centre of nation is strength the people of nations. It was at last further added by Barack Obama that the nuclear agreement with Iran is not temporary, but the agreement is a reflection of the strength of the international system.

Iran’s nuclear case has established that the talks would yield positive results and purpose of sanctions is not to punish anyone.