Forget Business Class, enjoy journey on the plane deck


NEW YORK: Forget Business Class, enjoy journey on the plane deck. Several airline companies are busy in developing air travel more modernize and enjoyable. In this effort an American Airline company, is introducing a unique and interesting way of travelling on the plane’s deck. On which passengers after sitting, will be able to see high altitude view of the world without and hurdle.

American Company has planned to make two seats on the plane’s roof, in which seat will be risen upward and on the roof, will burst into a transparent canopy, like a bubble. The passenger inside it, will be able to enjoy the sky more than pilot. In accordance with company, we are doing efforts to develop more modern and advance planes, whereas this plane is also a part of these efforts. Company says that passenger on these seat will be risen upward through elevator.

Passengers will be able to rotate single or both seats on 360 degree and also will be able to see the unforgettable scenes more efficiently.

Company further says that we could not serve recreation to passenger eternity. This effort will finish boredom, of the journey of the passengers and will serve new style of travel.

In the long run, Company says that to sit on these seats and according to view, passengers will have to separately pay rent. According to Company, Canopy of seats was made by materials that are used in Super Sonic Airplane and it will be able to withstand birds and all kind of pressure with ease.