Foundation: Basic for face makeup



There are so many different kinds of makeup products and brands out there nowadays that it can be borderline overwhelming to figure out what should be using. But people usually start with the basics: foundation. There are two main types of foundation, one is powder other liquid foundation. Both are great products with different benefits, but which will be overall more beneficial to anyone depends on her skin type.

A foundation based on skin type

If anyone has oily, sensitive, or acne-prone skin, a powder foundation is probably better for them. In general, powder won’t clog face pores, and it also has oil-absorbing properties, so it’s amazing for reducing that shine that builds up throughout the day.

If one’s skin is dry, she’s probably better off sticking with a liquid foundation. It can help give her dry skin a more fresh and dewy look, and it’s much better than powder at filling in fine lines and wrinkles, which tend to be more visible on dry skin. Plus, since the liquid is a bit heavier, it gives dry skin a protective coating that helps retain moisture in dry environments.

If anyone’s skin is normal, they have the best of both of it and can choose either one depending on if they need to reduce shine or cover up lines.

Types of Foundation

Once figured out what’s better for one’s face foundation makeup, shop these seven powder and liquid foundations.


Liquid foundation is one of the most popular types and with good reason. It easily glides on and is a good choice for both dry and combination skin. Liquid foundations also tend to provide the heaviest coverage and are best used if there are larger patches of skin anyone is looking to even out.


Perhaps the most classic type of makeup foundation, also very convenient and easy to apply. It generally comes in a compact case, which is ideal for on-the-go touch-ups.


If covering blemishes is one’s main goal, stick foundation represents one of the best types of makeup foundation. Stick foundations can also be applied as concealers to larger areas of the skin if anyone prefers a cream formulation to liquid.

Mineral Powder

As interest in natural and organic makeup solutions grows, there have never been more options for mineral powder. This is an option best used during one’s morning routine and swapping with powder for touch-ups during the day.

Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is quite amazing for creating a bright, dewy complexion and evening skin tone. This is a great lightweight option for summer too.

BB Cream

BB cream refers asblemish balm or beauty balm. If anyone is prone to oily skin, use a BB cream with a mattifying effect.

CC Cream

Alike BB Cream, CC Cream, which stands for color correcting, is intended to provide a light layer of coverage with a natural tint. It can help even skin tone to create a bright, fresh-faced look.


When it comes to creating the perfect look for any time of the day, there’s one type of makeup that literally lays the foundation for all else- foundation on a face. Foundation is, regardless of quality, can vary widely in terms of consistency, application, and ingredients.