Get ready for spring! TOP 9 SPA Treatments Around Boston!




We all are in stress after the long cold winter. It’s time to wake up no wands relax. So, you are in Boston on weekend and ready to get some relaxation. Of course, you can use this service and rent a good car to drive it to the nearest bar. Does it work for you? Of not, you can drive your car to the SPA center and take a relaxation procedure. There are many SPA salons in Boston but you can visit only the best of them. After you took a procedure, you can drive for a walk to the Boston Park. Besides, spring is coming. You should take care of your skin, hair, and nails. It’s time to using detox therapy, vitamins, and many other procedures that make your skin shine. you may also visit spa movers.



Mandarin Oriental SPA Center

Just take some rest from a noisy reality and visit Mandarin Oriental SPA Center. What is a list of procedures? Oh, it is really long and impressive. The most popular procedure you are offered to take is a Rejuvenation program. This is your chance to refresh all your body. It takes you about 3 hours to take massage, oxygen face care, and renovate scrub.

Exhale Boston Battery Wharf

You can find more space for taking interesting procedures here. How about detoxing hammam, relaxation sauna, and so-called Zen room? Is it enough to look healthy for you? You can try their body scrub with peel-off effect and a pleasant citrus aroma. The final stage is applying body lotion.

Bliss Spa Boston

The popular SPA salon Bliss is peacefully located in a lux class hotel W in Boston. You can find all popular procedures here, including deep massage, oxygen procedures, laser epilation, deep detox, hot milk pedicure. These procedures are enough to look young and fresh. Each lasts for 90 minutes. In addition to this, you can have a facemask made of seaweeds and stimulating shower. All these procedures are taken to boost your energy and beauty. The skin becomes soft and hydrated.



Equinox Sports Club

Welcome to the sports club. It is situated in a prestigious local hotel Ritz Carlton in the very center. This is a unique place that is good for training and relaxation. So, you can start your spring preparations right now. What is good? All cosmetic products are made of natural ingredients so that your skin becomes soft and good looking. You will be amazed of the effectiveness of scrub made of grape-stones, honey, brown sugar, and aromatic oils. End up your procedure by applying lotion to better your skin tone.

Seawater Spa at Gurney’s Newport

Looking for a quiet place go to Newport! It’s not a problem is you have already rented a car. Nature is beautiful and so the weather is. You can go to the local SPA and buy a procedure. The most popular place is the Seawater SPA Center. The aromatic eucalyptus sauna, fitness center, and hot Jacuzzi are waiting for you. This is the best place near Boston where you can improve your health. Also, you can buy a pack of services and get a pleasant bonus – massage.

Rowes Wharf

This SPA center is a perfect place for all who are looking for a calm and cozy time being. The atmosphere is relaxing and meditative. Take your chance to relax after dinner and take some treatment. The most popular procedure here is Moroccan ritual. What is that? This mysterious procedure takes about 80 minutes. It includes skin scaling with applying Moroccan oils, hot stones massage, hair treatment. The icing on the cake is a facemask.



Bella Sante

Meet one of the oldest and the most popular SPA salons in Boston. The key procedure here is relaxing massage. The list of procedures is wide and still, it continues growing. How about a Hydra facial, lymphatic massage, skin cleaning with lactic acid? You’ll be surprised and impressed.

Balans Organic Spa

Balance what you need for your health. This salon is good for everyone who wants to enjoy their beauty and high-class service. Cosmetic items are made of fresh ingredients. In addition to this, Balans offers flotation therapy. You’ll be swimming in a hot water and let the music and hot bath remove all your problems.



South End SPA

This SPA has a list of money-taking procedures. Making clients happy is the first priority. The staff is friendly and polite so that your rest will be really enjoyable. A careful and attentive massage therapist will help you to relax and de-stress from work. The list of available procedures includes facial masks, needle therapy, detox masks.

Boston is a friendly touristic city. But even on the go you have a chance to improve your health. Just try to find a good reputable SPA salon and take a set of procedures. What’s next? Try to relax somewhere in the nearest café with a cup of aromatic tea.