Girls are impressed by me, says Qandeel Baloch


ISLAMABAD: In recent years because of the growing influx of Smartphones, 3G and 4G technologies in Pakistan, the use of Social Media is increasing day by day. But the young Pakistanis are the victim of a strange dilemma. On one hand, young people can maintain online relationships with freedom while On the other hand, they are also facing religious restrictions and family pressures.

For example, Dick fees selfie, which is very popular in the western youth, sometimes stands as an issue here.

In a video message Qandeel Baloch called politicians ‘Stupid’ and cleared that they can stop people to go out but they cannot stop them to love.

Although, the number of people almost equals who like and dislike Qandeel Baloch but the young people considered her message as theirs ‘Voice of the heart’ who want to live life according to their own wishes as they always decide that how they have to live their lives.

That’s why this video has not only seen by the people 830,000 times, it also received seven thousand likes. Qandeel Baloch received fame in 2014 in Pakistan when her video got vital on the internet in which she has asked a question that how am I looking?.

People, especially the girls are very excited. I have received many phone calls, in which it was told to me that they are impressed by me and wanted to be like me. Qandeel told this to the news agency ‘AFP’.

So, remember that she has said on many occasions that Girls are impressed by me.