Giving up breakfast may be the cause of stroke and heart diseases


OSAKA: Doctors have warned people all over the world that risk of heart disease and stroke is enhanced in those who give up breakfast. In this regard, more than 1,30,000 people were studied in which 45 years old or more men and women were included.

It was revealed by the survey that these people in a routine weekly, give up breakfast. They are more prone to stroke and that is why Doctors advise that never forget to have breakfast in the morning.

According to the study results, out of more than 100,000 people, 3,772 had stroke and 870 had coronary diseases. study It shows that if 100 people skip breakfast, 20 out of the may be the victim of stroke or heart diseases. Scientists of Osaka University have done this research in which physical health of people was observed very carefully.

According to initial estimates, if you make habit of skipping breakfast, cholesterol seems to grow slowly and blood pressure increases. when these both conditions gets intensity, the disease is triggered. In the developing countries, a reason given for giving up breakfast is that it helps you in controlling your weight and extra fat does not accumulate in the body. The result can lead to chronic diseases. Besides to it, if you do not take breakfast, you will get tired and lethargic very easily and quickly.