Google Chrome uncovers a secret


If you are one of those people, who opens dozen of tabs at the same time. So, you have this idea that how it affects laptop performance and its battery life. Running dozens of web pages at the same, affect the machine’s capability. Especially, when these pages are spending more and extra computer memory but if you close them completely. You may lose something like on which you have to return.

Luckily, its solution is hidden in Google Chrome. Through which close the tabs and reduce the burden of your laptop with ease and the necessary data does not fully closed.

To enable this secret, click on the settings button on Chrome and then click the ‘More Tools’ below.

Now a pop-up menu will appear in front of you after that click on ‘Task Manager’.
The browser tab list will appear in front of you and it will also be known that how much memory is spending on these sites.

After that click the ‘Memory Button’ on the top bar of the windows and maximum the window. If you want to free up memory by turning off any tab. So click the tab of this site then click ‘End Process’ at the bottom left.

Whenever you click it then that page will be closed. But Chrome ‘Aw, Snap!’ error will come on it and it does not spend any kind of memory. But when you get time, you may open your desired page by refreshing it.

I hope now you will never forget that Google Chrome uncovers a secret which saves your laptop’s performance as well as battery life.