Google Map now has been Pac-Man.


NEW YORK: In case you are eager to play an old classic game Pac-Man, so good news is that you can also enjoy Pac-Man surrounded by Google Map, and the most interesting thing is this that you can also use this game to explore any location,
es my dear! just visit Google Map’s website and have a look below the left side, there you will look a Pac-Man photo in a little box click in contract with it and that’s it. till now Google was introduced it on just desktop version, when will you click on Pac-Man picture, so map will be exists, but it will be convert into Pac-Man ground, and it is good to play where there are immense streets, so to save hence Ulnu and to catch more and more grains, now it is not confirmed and clear that Google Map will be intrude this feature in contract will regular or temporary basis, however we can enjoy this feature now. Out of sight this feature we can explore our destination and also enjoy the game in just a in like manner timing.