Google searches missing people of earthquake


ISLAMABAD/NEW YORK: Google searches missing people of earthquake. The Google has been started service to search the missing people who were missed in the earthquake.

According to the narration which was released by the Google in the service that started to find missing people anyone out of sight any place can tell in connecting with the missed person.

In like manner who lost his/her way can also inform in contract with Google in regarding of themselves.

The collection plunged all the data will be accessible to everyone around the world while the Google will be the resource of meeting the missed people to their loved ones.

The Google firstly started this service in 2010 hereinafter the earthquake that was destroyed Haiti. This service was also started during the earthquake of Kashmir and Nepal.

Google is well-known for its services nobody is there who do not know about Google in this present era. It is being played a significant role in all over the world.

Because it is also being considered nowadays as your friend which is your true helper in case you need anything urgently it always available to help you out and new features are being added in day by day and services are being better increasingly so, it is cleared that you can judge its rendered services by its searching service of missing people of earthquake.

This is such a precious work which is being done by Google.