Google to provide information about the health of the patients has developed innovative bands.


SAN FRANCISCO: Google Laboratories recently introduced a wrist wearing band. 24 hours through the patient’s health will be monitored vital signs and its data will quickly reach to the doctors.

The introduction of Google TV device, the clock pulse, heart rate, skin temperature External factors such as sun light and noise may also note. The moment by moment report will continue to provide so that the doctors in an emergency doctor immediately decide.

According to company the data which is taken by it then use for clinical trail. There are millions of patients around the world every hour medical care and attention is required and motive of Google is to care of those people.

The regular trail of this Google product has been started while Google needs permission to sell it to the United States and Europe from the competent institutions. It was said by the connecting people of life license that with the help of a band that in the future will be possible to predict diseases and any such person to take care of your life will improve.