Guide to Buying a Chronograph Watch



Unlike in the past when watches were meant to tell people what time of the day it is, today, most watches come with additional functions to that. For instance, a chronograph watch will let you know the time and many other complications and functions. It work as a stopwatch but with more features in it as well.

So what is a chronograph watch?

Well, the explanation given above might not be enough to tell you what a chronograph watch is but the definition below will help you understand what it is and how chronographs work.

What Is a Chronograph?

Perhaps you may never use it for more complicated functions apart from your day to day run; chronograph watches are thought to be the most complication produced by Swiss watches manufacturers. Usually, a chronograph watch has both tradition and stopwatch functionalities. In simple terms, you can call it a built-n stopwatch. However, it’s never a chronometer. It will tell you what the time of the day is and also track elapsed time as well.

Some chronograph watches come with an extra second hand which you can control it yourself and more advanced ones that come with hands that track elapsed hours, minutes and seconds. In the past, chronograph watches were thought to be for men but nowadays, they are won by everyone who wants to have a watch that offers more functions than just time telling.

A Brief History of Chronograph Watches

Chronograph was invented in France in about 1821. It was as a result of a request made by King Louis XVIII to have a watch that could track horse races. This changed the timing of sporting activities and made the demand of the timepiece. Over years, small changes have been made on the timepiece by contributors.

How a Chronographs Watch Works?

There is a pusher at the top, above the crown which when you click it, the hand that rests at 12 o’clock starts counting. The minute and hour subdials that rest at 3 and 9 o’clock are meant to track time that beyond a minute long. Once you click the top pusher again, and the hand stops so you can record the reading. To reset it, you just click the bottom pusher and all the hands will go back to their resting positions.


Styles of Chronograph Watches

·         Sport Chronograph

Sport chronographs as the name suggests are meant for athlete, coaches, and people who work out. They are sturdier to withstand the rigors of sports activities. Most Sport chronographs are made with plastics which make them durable and versatile.  They are water-resistant so you can use them in aquatic or outdoor sports.

·         Fashion Chronograph

Fashion chronographs are watches built to impress. They are stylish in design and are made with high-end materials. Oftentimes fashion chronographs are won by business and ordinary people as well. Materials used to make these styles of watches are gold, sterling silver, or titanium since they are attractive.

·         Casual Chronograph

Casual chronograph watches are ideal for wearing in casual settings. You can wear them every day. They are cheaper and attractive as well. They are made with stainless steel material. These watches are both stylish and useful.

How to Buy a Chronograph Watch

Buying a watch normally requires one to consider numerous factors apart from how it looks. Due to their functionality, chronographs are said to be tool watches and when buying a tool, then you must ensure you are buying the right one for the job.

Here are some tips to help you when buying a chronograph watch.

  • Consider How Simple it is to Use the watch

As mentioned above that chronographs are mostly used by athletes and coaches, you should ensure it’s easy to read and operate. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to ensure you choose one with functions that you will actually use. This way, you will get yours easily. But if you want the fashion chronograph, then choose a complicated one.

  • The Handiness of the Watch

A convenient chronograph with two or three pushers would allow ease of use. Other things to consider are water resistance and self-winding. In this case, your best bet would be a Quartz chronograph instead of a mechanical one.