Halla Gulla item song “Thumka” was not less than a challenge.


LAHORE: In the film “Halla Gulla” my item song is being liked. I am the first actress of stage whom which item song is being filmed.

It was said by Actress Mahnoor when she was giving interview to Express News this not less than a challenge for me because the Bollywood Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Malaika Arora and other stars item songs achieved milestones in the film industry.

Our films’ item song could not famous like them. Our producers and directors have taken the services of Zyla Sarhadi, Mehvish Hayat, Ayesha Omar and Mathira like TV models and actresses.

When for the film “Halla Gulla” Director Kamran Akhber Khan and Producer Muhammad Haneef communicated me for the item song so I speedily accepted this offer.

It was further said by Mahnoor that Item song is like a special product in comparison other’s songs of the film.

In which actor or actress must give his/her best performance. I also to give my performance strived heartily and in like manner it is being appreciated on box office on it I am really thankful to my stars.

It was said by the Mahnoor on the reply of a question that Karachi or Lahore film will called of Pakistan.

It ‘s been a good experience to work for the first time in Karachi there people are being strived and hard work such like “ALLAH WELLING” our film industry will be commence to restore once again.

It was further added by her that this is not my first item song before it I have also done an item song in the Iqbal Kashmiri’s film “Sher Dil”.

But the response it has received in case the character with the item song in the future will be so I will do it.