Hamish Brewer – What Makes Him the Coolest Principal Ever?


Principal Brewer is committed to changing the education system by encouraging his students to not be just average, but to instead be outstanding. He inspires his students to be the change. When it comes to education, he wants us to realize that we need to move away from the traditional, boring approach. The education procedure should be updated and modernized because as he explains, “Times have changed; kids have changed.” His goal is to turn struggling schools into the best schools around. He is an exceptional principal making a difference and willing to go far for his students.

This principal has been disappointed in the way that education has been taught for a long time. Therefore, he sees himself as an “education disrupter,” and dedicated himself to disrupting what is seen as the norm. He envisions schools as a project and seeks to bring the school and students to life. Some of the ways that Principal Brewer has changed the schools he has worked for are by incorporating unlimited field trips, changed the lighting to daylight bulbs, and added audio-enhanced classrooms. By including the student’s opinions and going in a different direction that benefits them, the students started showing signs of coming to life and enjoying learning. The new education approach has also led students to express that Hamish Brewer is their favorite principal ever, which is a remarkable title to achieve.

One of the ideas we should learn from Principal Brewer is to stop putting children into boxes and defining them by their grades. We should focus on getting to know our students and showing them the joy of learning in a new way. He believes he is able to do his job so well because he can put himself in the children’s shoes, especially the struggling students. His main objective is to not repeat the same mistakes that he experienced as a young student, and he expresses the importance of relating to the struggling children and understanding what can be done to make their lives better. We must show the children that we are the one person they can at least count on, which is one of the ideas that Principal Brewer enforces. Times may get difficult, but we cannot just give up on them.

Another exciting part of Principal Brewer’s process of releasing a school’s full potential is changing the way the facility looks. He aspires for the school to become a place that students enjoy being at every day. When Principal Brewer becomes in charge, the building becomes more colorful with inspiring images of people for children to see. He is a true advocate for the students who have no one else in their corner rooting for them, and sometimes that may be the only person who has ever been in their corner believing in their talents.

Principal Brewer bases his work off his experiences and remembers that his best experiences were always while having fun. Therefore, he strives to ensure that his students are having fun while learning. He always lets the students know that he loves them and gives little gestures of encouragement throughout the day. Additionally, he gets on their level and will join in their activities. He believes this can go beyond his school and can spread the word to help all children. If we can have the same mentality that Principal Brewer does, that all kids deserve the very best, every school would be on the road to becoming the best school making education a fun experience.