Heart tissue to grow successfully in spinach leaves


US experts in biological heart muscle in spinach leaves (tissue) from the grow spinach plant, which also contains the blood vessels.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute and other US universities, a research team composed of experts so they have invented a method which prepared the living tissue of the heart using spinach leaves.

This success improved medical implant infected person healthy cells throughout the body tissues and organs because it can be very helpful in developing far Bio-engineering and only a very short muscle through all measures used in bio-printing in the future. Same can be prepared but in medicine too in depth with ultra-fine and thin blood vessels that delivery must be practically usable that extend ramified.


Spinach leaves as the plants leaves are also thin thin capillaries which ensure the transportation of water and nutrients to the leaves. The spinach leaves are very soft and fragile the ability to absorb moisture in them is too great.

Both of these features make the spinach leaves scientists to grow tissues of the heart as a test. Entering water spinach leaves in the first phase of the central location at the cells of the tissue from the heart and then leaves the path of such suspending them (the vessels) of water and nutrients continue to arrive.

On the first full day I started to change the shape of spinach leaves until the seventh day, the leaves were completely disappeared and in their place come the heart cells to continuous development. In the process, it is important to know that such a change in heart muscle spinach was very fine indeed but even within the same network of thin vessels was littered as it was in the original address.

Trials found that thin capillaries are operating the same way for the delivery of natural human heart blood vessels, different muscles.