HINDUSTAN: Muslims increased while Hindus decreased 80 % in India.


NEW DELHI: Rise in the Muslim population in India for the first time since independence in 1947, the Hindu population has declined by 80 percent Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming to power last year, the Hindu nationalist party in the country, Muslims have expressed concern over the increasing number of Muslims.

According to News Agency “Reuters” which data is showed that In 2011 the number of Hindus in this country of 1.2 billion population had dropped to 79.8 percent 80.5 percent a decade ago while in 2001 the quantity of Muslims was 13.4 which has been increased and reached at 14.2 %.

Christian figures were 2.3% rather believers of Sikhs were 1.9 % but now it remained 1.7 %. Although in all religions ratio of birth is being declined however according to United Nation till 2020 India will leave behind to China and will be the highest populated country.