Homeless man made garbage floating home.


Nowadays immense people are recorded who are comprehended in those, who do not have their own home, who had their own home, but unfortunately they have lost their accommodation by nature disasters and others causes, we all are well known, who became the victims of disasters, such as earth quake, flood, storms and others. When they have become victims, they live according to hospitality desires but here is man who is homeless, but live his life with full of joy and happiness, he live only by his desire, and due to his desire of living he has been very famous among the native people and also for the visitors, let’ have a look upon him.

RIO DE JANEIRO: The popular name in the football world Brazil, which is known for its economic conditions, Hamilton has been made his boat and tent shape like home by collecting useless things. In the Brazil a man collected garbage and made a floating home for him himself, in which he is spent his day and night.

30-years old Hamilton Kana made his location by collecting garbage out of sight streets and towns, which was being thrown by people, in which he is easily an comfortably passing his days and nights, all the visitors out of sight all over the world been really surprised after looking him, that how is he forged floating home for him, and do not be leave without praising him.