How can saves from heart attack


According to foreign news agency, American specialists help honey be protected from heart attack.

According to scientists of Washington University, Natural Sweetness “tri helos” in Honey, it prevents harmful material which is gum in the cell of heart. Cigarette and many other factors end up elasticity of heart cells,

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And start to store in yellow solid material which is called “pluck” which cans stop bleeding flow in the heart due to heart disease and death.

Natural sweets present in honey can be reduced by 30 percent by fat percentage in patients.


A new research has shown that the “trihelos” activates a protein that helps to clean the body’s natural defense system with lubricants.

Expert gave “trihelos” rats sweetness the thickness of the fat in the mice reduced 0.35 mm to 0.25 mm.


Nearly 30% of the plucks were enclosed, but the mice were given sweet food by mouth.

They did not any improvement in those rats which “trihelos” eaten by mouth but which rats shown improvement in which entered “trihelos” by injection.