How Do You Buy Coins On Ultimate Team?


How do you buy coins on Ultimate Team? It is a common question for players in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). The best way to make coins is by playing, but the problem is that not all players will have ample time to play and earn as many coins, as they would want to.

One thing is that you cannot buy coins here, but you rather earn them. Despite this, third parties are selling them, but you have to be cautious before you make any purchase from them.

What are FIFA Coins?

Once you start playing and develop your skills, there comes the need to keep up with speed in the competition. It becomes intense, and you do not want to lose. To buy more players and other necessary items in the transfer market, you will need coins which is the main currency used in the Ultimate Team. You cannot buy them, but you earn them.

Making Coins

Instead of focusing on buying Ultimate Team coins, you should use other means of making them. Although you can get the coins on third party websites, it is expensive to buy them with real money. Below are ways that you can make some coins.

Be Consistent in Playing the Available FUT Matches

One way that you can earn coins rather than spending a lot of money buying them is playing FUT matches consistently. Play the Squad Battles every week and do not miss out on FUT Champions Weekend League. If you play all, there are chances of earning plenty of coins.

Selling Different Items on the Transfer Market

There are plenty of items that you can trade on the Transfer Market. Sniping, also known as the ’59-minute Method’ is one way that you can do so. It is about buying cheaply listed players before anyone else. Besides this, you can trade kits and contracts, and many deals will help in improving your team.

Why You Should Not Buy Coins From Unreliable Sellers

There are many third parties on the internet selling FIFA Ultimate Team coins, but one thing that you should have in mind is that there are legal consequences. FIFA discourages this and advises one should earn the coins legally through the various avenues recommended.

Besides buying, one is not allowed to transfer or distribute them. Avoid having other players transfer coins to your account. There are risks to these options, such as FUT club being deleted and FUT coins getting removed.

More Reasons Why It Is Risky to Buy FUT Coins From Unreliable Sellers

Users that follow tips given by FIFA Ultimate Team earn their coins legitimately, and they have the right to buy items in the Transfer Market at affordable prices. When you buy FUT coins, you deny them this chance as you play a role in creating an uneven playing field. There is an increase in the prices of the items available in the Transfer Market.

The other reason is that the coin sellers could steal the personal information in your account. They will ask for your login information as you purchase and after some time, they will take advantage to earn money from it. It would be sad to waste the coins and the players that you already own.

Avoid Farming Coins

When you cannot buy coins, you may be tempted to farm them. It involves tricking the system, or when in the Auction House, you use bots. Thus, it is cheating the system which is not allowed, as it helps you in acquiring coins illegitimately. Some players will even use some disconnection methods, but then again, you are not abiding by the rules of the game.

How to Buy FUT Coins Safely?

If you do not have the patience to play and earn coins through the different ways available, you can opt to buy some on Once you have created an account, log in and select the number of coins that you prefer from the list. Lastly, choose your console. Click Enter, then choose Buy Now.

There are different payment methods, and you should choose your most preferred one before checkout. After this, go to the Member Center and then click Get Coins. They will be transferred to your account.

To Sum Up!

If you are a FIFA Ultimate Team player and you have been asking yourself how to buy coins, you need to understand that you should earn them. It may seem like a lot of work that is time-consuming, but this is what FUT recommends. You do not want to lose FUT rewards, club, and the already accumulated coins as you acquire others illegally. Play the available matches consistently and trade on the Transfer market to earn as many coins as possible, and this way, you will not be risking your account. As long as you want to keep playing, you must stick to the laid out rules.