How Does A Pro Mat Board Manufacturer Pass FSC Certification ?


People live in the natural environment, so the natural environment is the basic condition for human survival and the material source for developing production and prospering the economy. Without the  natural environment of the earth, human beings cannot survive. With the rapid population growth and the development of productivity, science and technology have advanced by leaps and bounds, and wastes discharged from industry and living have been increasing. As a result, the atmosphere, water quality and soil pollution have become increasingly serious, and the natural ecological balance has been violently impacted and destroyed. Resources are declining and facing the danger of exhaustion; soil erosion, land desertification is becoming more and more serious, and food production and human health are seriously threatened. Therefore, maintaining ecological balance and protecting the environment are fundamental issues related to human survival and social development.

DY Matboard as a professional and highly socially responsible mat board manufacturer,  meets itself with high standards and has passed FSC and SGS certification. As the biggest mat board manufacturer basement in China, DY has relatively good quality which can compare to US and Italian mat board. This stable quality requirement makes DY the unique mat board supplier to IKEA in China. We already have cooperated with loyal clients all over the world. Most clients start the business with us since more than 5 years ago. Good service makes us keep a long time cooperation with customers. DY offers high-quality uncut mat board with diverse colors, pre cut mat boards like square picture mats, oval mat for picture frame, multiple opening mats, double mat boards, cardboard picture frams and so on.

So what is FSC certification and how did DY earn it?

The global forest problem is becoming more and more prominent: forest area is reducing and forest degradation is increasing. Forest resources are declining in terms of quantity (area) and quality (ecosystem diversity), and some consumers in Europe and the United States refuse to buy wood products without proof of legal origin.

At the 1990 Conference in California, representatives of consumers, timber trade organizations, environmental and human rights organizations considered it necessary to create an honest and credible system to identify well-managed forests as an acceptable source of forest products. The meeting concluded that the system should include a definition of good forest management by global public opinion, an independent review of forest management, and a global umbrella organization. The name of the FSC-Forest Stewardship Council was born. In October 1993, 130 representatives from 26 countries established the FSC Council in Toronto, Canada, and elected the board of directors.

FSC is an independent, not-for-profit NGO whose mission is to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management worldwide by developing widely recognized forest management principles and standards. The FSC is made up of representatives from environmental protection organizations, timber trade associations, government forestry departments, local resident organizations, social forestry groups and timber product certification bodies from more than 70 countries. Its international center was originally located in the capital of Oaxaca, Mexico. FSC is a relatively mature and complete forest certification system.

DY is a company with more than ten years of experience in r&d, production and sales of mat board. It insists on the use of products with pH and other indicators that meet environmental requirements. It is very suitable for domestic and foreign photo frames, picture frames and all kinds of decorative paintings. DY insists on using acid-free paper. Acid free paper, paper without active acid. The pH of mat boards is 7.0 (neutral) or higher (alkaline) means they’re acid-free. Under normal conditions of use and storage, the life of acid-free paper can reach 200 years. Permanent paper can last for at least centuries without significant deterioration. The paper generally has a pH of 7.5 or higher and does not contain groundwood pulp, so it has high strength and high paper properties, and is suitable for people to use and store for a long time.The basis weight and color of the paper depend on the application. The paper is solid, strong and close to neutral. After special treatment (eliminating the organic acid present therein) from the plant fiber pulp, it is made on a paper machine.

In the 1970s, libraries and archives around the world began to face a serious problem: their collection of books and precious documents appeared in disarray. The paper industry has invested a lot of efforts, material resources and financial resources to study the chemical interaction between alum, rosin and paper. The results show that over time, acid is the chief culprit in the destruction of books and literature. In fact, the pH of the paper proved to be the main cause of the loss of strength and fading of the paper. By using a synthetic non-acidic sizing agent and adding calcium carbonate (mild alkaline buffer) to the pulp, people finally produced the first permanent paper in a common factory.

Qualified DY Matboard aims high and it continues to achieve more to provide professional and environmentally-friendly mat boards. DY is a trust-worthy supplier.