How Good Website Navigation and Speed drives your Business in 2018


You would need a compass and map if you were at sea. With that, you would also need to have a decent wind rate for you to navigate at sea. Similarly, that applies to your website.

It sets the direction and user interface for your website right away. Let’s be honest nobody likes a slow and hard to navigate the site. Many companies perform such web development for you, and one of those is Orlando Web Design.

With so many companies and people out there in this web development business, it is not rocket science to recognize that the speed and navigation of your website drive your business. So, here I am going to tell you why and how you can go about these.

Now I am dividing this article into two portions; Speed and Navigation. Both necessary components for you to get your website ranked and have traffic

The speed of your website drives sales

1 sec loading time is optimum for your site, and long enough to hold the flow of thoughts in your user’s mind. More than that, the users start to feel less and less control of their web activities. And that is when you start losing them too.

Anything more than 5 seconds, you have already lost that user to frustration. Nobody wants to wait and see if a website loads as there is so much competition out there.

So if you are an online seller, and your website speed is excellent, it also creates a positive shopping or interactive experience for the user. Meaning you are bound to get 1 out of 3 users to contact you for your product/services.

If their website and online experience is lagged because of your slow website, it also tells your user that maybe in person your business is slow too. That is never positive for your business development.

Studies have proven that 88% of online users shop and stay on a website that is fast. That brings us to the question if, whether a quick website drives your sales or not? The answer is; dramatically. It drives your sales dramatically.

Having a fast website sets a competitive advantage for your business on an online platform, and that is science for you. Hence, if you are an online business or even a business with a website, the ultimate factor that drives your sales conversion rates is how fast your website is.

Now, to your best website navigation.

Website Navigation – The stepping stone for your business

This is the thing that drives your business growth online and offline parallel to the speed of your website. If you do not have the roadmap for your road trip, you will lose. Similarly, if your website lacks direction, then the user is lost too.

I will list the three main things to have a proper navigation of your website.

  • Menu Structuring is crucial

The F pattern has proven to work successfully. Meaning users are navigated horizontally, and that is one of the most optimum structures in designing your website as the user lands on it.

  • Website Content- De-Clutter your content

Users typically scan through your website, so you should have relevant keywords everywhere on your site starting from design to content. Do not clutter your website with irrelevant content. Make it easy for the user.

  • Call to Action- Set it and be user ready!

Call to action on your website means telling them to the ball, buy now, and offer expires tomorrow kinds of phrases and words that are directed at the user to feel comfortable to contact you for your product/service.

You can de-clutter unnecessary things and turn your website into a user-friendly website using keywords so your user can find exactly what they are looking for and can purchase or contact you immediately.

Final Thoughts – Speed and Navigation sets your website apart

So, here is the deal.

As much as you do not want to be lost in a forest with no map or GPS. As much as you want to claim your baggage from the airport baggage claims as soon as possible. The same theory applies to online users.

Your website is probably going to be the first thing your customer visits, before contacting you. Your sales depend on how fast and user-friendly your site is for them, making it a positive experience for them to be willing to buy your product/service.