How High Should Elevator Shoes Be?


There are many reasons to opt for elevator shoes for men. However, before stepping out in them, there is a need to take some major decisions one of which is how many inches you wish to add to your height. You also want to think where you intend to wear the shoes to and how best to pull it off.

If you doubt that elevator shoes will look trendy, then you should think again as these days elevator shoes for men are available in a variety of styles, sizes and designs all made to suit your different occasions and tastes.

No matter the type of elevator shoes you choose to settle for, you will always be made to feel at your best. When next you are out, and you meet that gorgeous lady you have been admiring all the while, walk to her and say hello, she can’t rebuff you, not when you are on your elevator shoes looking her right into the eye with all the confidence of a man who knows what he wants. This and more are the endless possibilities you could have with the right shoes.

However, you must first consider how you want to wear your elevator shoes and where you wish to wear them to. This shouldn’t be a problem, though, as there are lots of options to explore. Selecting the right pair of shoes for the right occasion is a must as you cannot wear sneakers to a dinner party,neither should you be seen wearing dress shoes while jogging. (Wearing a pair of elevator sneakers is more appropriate for casual outings or sports while an elevating dress shoe is more appropriate for work and other formal gatherings).

It’s also essential that you select shoes that are your size as you don’t want them pulling off your legs while walking due to being too loose or walking uncomfortably due to the shoes being too tight. Selection based on this criterion is quite easy as elevator shoes comewith the equal measurement standard from which you can select your ideal size.

Another factor that must be considered is the height of the shoes. This does not refer to the length of the shoes this time around but the height with regards to the number of inches to be added. Generally, most elevator shoes available on the market can add about two to five inches to one’s height. With this, men have a wide range of choice to make, what is most important in this aspect is your natural height, and your personal preference as it won’t be ideal to go for shoes that make you so tall you are uncomfortable in them.

An average male is about 5’ 10” tall, determining if you are taller or shorter than this average height will go a long way to deciding the kind of elevator shoes you end up with. If you are below the average height, then its best to go for a taller elevator shoe but if you are above, then you may want to go for elevator shoes with less inches.