How many NBCOT® Exam practice tests should you take?


What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you finish your curriculum as an Occupational Therapist? For sure it is to take the NBCOT® exam.

A National Board Certification in Occupational Therapy is essential for an individual to reform his or her knowledge of the course where they set an evidence-based quality for effective practice in occupational therapy. Thus, this gives you the idea that such a test would never look and sound easy for anyone. It is something that needs to be earned with patience and hard work.

Wasn’t it becoming a board-certified Occupational Therapist one of your goals?

There are two different categories for the NBCOT® exam, one is the Occupational Therapist (OTA) exam, and the other is the Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA) exam. Each will take about four (4) hours of testing where an examinee will get their own time schedule.

An OTR examinee will answer via computer three (3) clinical simulation test items and 170 three and four-option multiple choice questions. The COTA test, on the other hand, will still take a three and four-option multiple choice and multi-select questions with 6 answer choices. It is ideal for the examinee to at least choose three answers to proceed to the next question in line

Learning about just that gives you a realization that taking this exam won’t be easy at all which is why an examinee must be prepared and study for it carefully. The test fee will also cost you $550 each time a student registers and there is no doubt that you will be required to pay an additional cost every time you do not pass it.

So, let us go back to that big question–How many NBCOT® exam practice tests should you take?

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Assess, Address, Test and Master–Is the effective Pass the OT Approach used for the study prep students.

Pass the OT has helped over 2,000 students to pass the occupational therapy test since 2013 with their study course and one-on-one personal tutoring with their passionate and dedicated tutors who have been very helpful to the students. offers to students timed quizzes, audio recordings & video of lessons, simplified charts which can help them understand objectively. One-On-One tutoring is also offered where they give you practice questions, a clear rationale, a quick sorting and a reasonable payment plan for OT students.

This timed assessment test that is quite similar to the actual NBCOT® exam. This online studying hub helps you analyze the results which can show you on what parts of the exam you are least good at.

With Pass the OT’s method, you can assess yourself even more and see on what sections you need to focus on and improve. Once you start doing this, the rest will just follow your flow.

8 Structured easy to use modules from Pass the OT

  • 1800 timed or untimed question rationale
  • 30 charts, 40 video presentations, and games per key topic
  • Assessment test with strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • 25 key topics with mini quizzes
  • Final comprehensive exam, accommodation quizzes
  • Highlighted study material, clinical simulations
  • Accessible modules via mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop
  • Online tutoring via Skype

Pass the OT did not only helped students pass after taking the test several times but they have also helped some raise score up to 101 points. They were able to help students with learning disabilities and ESL students. The phone or online tutoring sessions can help the examinee improve critical thinking, breakdown test questions and learn the correct interventions, reduce test anxiety to boost up the confidence and fuel up as you get ready for the NBCOT® exam.

Pass the OT caters all techniques effective for learning for everyone’s convenience. A student won’t get tired or bored of reading because they have several techniques that can enhance their learnings just like listening to audio recordings, take mini quizzes or thru a Skype conversation with a tutor.

They boast of the 200 colleges and universities where OT and OTA students passed the NBCOT® exam with their professional help. Take part with the 90% who passed the NBCOT® exam with Pass the OT by signing up with them so that they can help you figure out what is wrong to improve your knowledge with their study courses.

A 50% discount on Web courses or can be given to you for free if you will purchase four or more tutoring sessions.

Pass the OT has no affiliation or existing endorsement agreement with The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy is independently owned and operated by a private entity.