How Much Side Effects Of Broken Heart, Scientists Have Proved


British experts have shown that failure of love or any other serious trauma hurts the same heart as a consequence of a heart attack.


When your heart breaks, it feels like the end of the world. And you feel that the entire pain of the world absorbed in your heart, but do you know about this that, how much is dangerous for your life.

When breaks your heart then what happens? Do you know that who cheat you in the love, he or she they enjoy their life with another and we keep sad and crying. I want to ask you why this is. We should forget him or her and start own new life, I know, this pain unforgettable pain but what should we do? Should die? Or should live with the bravery? Because sadness and trauma so harmful to our life. Scientists have proved about the broken heart.

Experts from the UK University of Aberdeen conducted a survey regarding the emotional trauma of people who were treated for two years of patients suffering from “Broken Heart Syndrome” (also known as Takotsubo).

Broken heart causes heart disease.

Many of patients were declared as healthy by doctors but they were tired during the walking and were feeling pain. The research report was prepared in the light of the same review, which was presented at the annual session of the American Heart Association in California.

Experts have said in the investigation report that “Broken Heart Syndrome” is inaccessible after any psychological trauma and it is also known as a Takotsubo. Heartbreaks cause heart damage to the whole age.

According to experts, after the psychiatric period, the number of people suffering from it may be very high.

Usually, in this condition human being is in severe trauma and stress and it affects on the heart like this that heart’s muscles weak. So far the doctors assumed that this loss is temporary and fixes over time but in fact, its effects remain in life.

Broken heart such as heart attack

Dr. Dina Dawson, a surveying scientist, said that the Takotsubo is more common than our expectations and it is clear that the heart affected by it is infected permanently. For victims of Takotsubo, the same treatment should be done after a heart attack. Patients are required to provide long-term medicines and care.

Jeremy Pierce, a professor associated with the British Heart Foundation, says that trauma heart disease like a deadly monster what attacks healthy person anytime, and we are mistaken to understand that this disease will take away from time to time. But it is not true.

At last, what is the Takotsubo disease?

Experts say that the effect of any trauma or failure of love or any other mental stress affects our heart, and the heart shrinks for some time. It affects the left side of the heart and changes its shape.

This strange condition of heart was discovered in Japan in the 1990s, which is named Tototsubo, and the meaning of octopus is a bowl, i.e. clay-shaped vessels. Experts are still trying to know why the heart of a healthy person far away from all evil habits is suddenly affected.

It is clear that last year Switzerland experts discovered that this condition could happen with unmatched pleasure apart from trauma and grief.

Apart from this, broken heart affects whole body parts especially affect the brain.