How to Access the Dark Web?

Dark Web

According to a few types of research, only 5% of the web is visible to the general public like us. The rest of all is either the deep web or dark web. We all have a certain amount of inquisitiveness regarding what these portions of the web are. Well, we’ve thought of a way and searched about how to access the dark web. The dark web is the part of the internet where most of the criminal and terrorist activities take place.

It can be perilous to access the dark web and lead to consequences you can’t even imagine. Thus, you must take proper precautions and should stay aware of the consequences before you access the dark web.

Handy Steps for accessing the Dark Web

If you have ever questioned how to access the dark web without any complications, you are at the right place to find the answer. Accessing the dark web is pretty more dangerous that accessing the deep web and you must follow the below-mentioned steps to access the dark web.

1. Get a VPN

Security, privacy and anonymity should be your major focus while accessing the dark web. A VPN will provide you complete anonymity and privacy. There are a number of VPN providers that provide their solutions to help you access the dark web safely. Click here to choose best & most trusted VPN software.

2. Download the TOR browser

You can find most of the content on the dark web using Tor browser. A Tor browser is entirely different from your conventional browser when it comes to keeping the privacy and security of the user intact. You can download Tor browser to gain access to the Tor networks where you can find most of the dark web sites you were looking for. Use the official Tor website to download this browser.

After you have downloaded and installed the Tor browser, you must close all other browsers and services that are using the internet.

You need to configure the browser with optimal settings and then only start searching anything on it. Tor browser might look like a normal browser but can provide you access to lots and lots of undiscovered information. For better understanding, read more about Tor Browser.

3. Don’t change the Window Size of the Browser

It might sound like a piece of silly advice, don’t take it for granted. The change in the window size of your browser can reveal your identity. If you keep the browser window size to normal, it will not reveal the items present on your desktop and most of your personal information would be saved from getting leaked. Even small things need to be taken care of while you are browsing through the dark web.

4. Turn off JavaScript

TOR is said to be completely anonymous, but it is proven that it is not 100% anonymous. You must disable the JavaScript within your TOR browser to improve your safety and security. Disabling the Javascripts will eliminate the risk of running unknown scripts if your browser doesn’t allow JavaScript. Various hackers can make use of JavaScript to hack your system on the dark web.

5. Disconnect your Webcam and Microphone

Accessing your webcam which is connected through the system using which you’re browsing the dark web is extremely easy to hack by the hackers. Do not risk your privacy at any cost and disconnect the webcam from your desktop computer. It is advisable to put a black tape on the webcam to disable it if you are using a laptop. There might be people spying in your personal life if you keep your webcam on.

Just like the webcam, it is important to disconnect the microphone too. It is an input device and any form of audio input can be recorded through the microphone without your permission. It can also be used negatively against you. Thus, it is strongly advised to either disconnect your microphone or put a tape on it too.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg was seen covering his laptop’s camera with tape to ensure better security and privacy.

6. Don’t use your Real Identity

This is one of the basics that you must address while learning how to access the dark web. Never use any part of your real identity on the dark web. Be it your name, your passwords, your gaming alias or anything else, avoid using it on the dark web. Do not use the passwords you use on the surface web on dark websites.

The Bottom Line

Now you know how to access the dark web and all the precautions you must take before doing it. These are stern precautions and unless you’ve a piece of significant knowledge about security and privacy, you must not risk doing much on the dark web. It is filled with government agents, underworld mafias and all kinds of illicit people trying to do inhumane things. Avoid accessing the dark web.