How To Become a Successful Freelancer?


It is said that $1.4 trillion of the U.S. economy have a contribution from freelancer or we can that 36% of America’s workforce is of freelancers. Freelance, freelance or freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular ling term employer.

It is not necessary that a day job can only give you a good profit but becoming freelance and starting your own business is also a very good step for becoming a successful and independent person.

Joanna Wiebe, Ryan Robinson, and Melyssa Griffin are the famous freelancer who started their own business and today they all are very successful. But leaving your day job to become a freelancer full-time is not easy and before leaving the job you must have some solid plan regarding your business.

So if you are seriously planning to go for freelancing than there is a proper way to make a switch from your day job to a freelance which you must follow. The most important thing in freelancing is you should know how to get more clients for your services.

The 3 Things You Need to Do Before You Start Freelancing

Before you step forward in the field of freelancer you must make sure that it is the right path for you and for that you must figure out these three things.

  1.  Look for your ‘WHY’: most important thing that why you want to become a freelancer? What are the things that attract you to opting? Your answer to this why is the thing that won’t let you quit when things will get tough. When you will struggle for finding your clients when a client will not pay and you will have bills to pay when it feels like everything falling apart at that time your “why” will help you from quitting and switching back to your day job. It will help you until things start working out.


  1. Give Yourself a Deadline: making plans and executing them are two different things and plans only work when they are acted and for that, you must have a deadline. Decide specific timelines for:


Figuring Out Your Niche

What are you good at? What do you do really well in your day job? When you have to make this decision, then it comes down to these three things:

  •      What are you good at?
  •      Will you be paid for it?
  •      What makes you enjoy?


What service you should sell can only be decided through these three questions.


  1. Do the Math: You don’t have to wait for your freelancing income to match your day job income but you have to figure out some money-related stuff such as:
  •      How much money is required to survive or live comfortably?
  •      How much of savings you have before you decide to go full-time freelance?
  •   How will you replace your full-time job benefits such as holidays, incentives or health insurance, etc?


Your 3-Step Guide to Become a Freelancer While Working in a Day Job

Once you’ve locked in with your “why,” given yourself a deadline, and done the math, now it’s the time to finally start a freelance business while working as a day job.


  1. Research: Without research, you won’t be able to make the right decisions,  freelancers often make the mistake of focusing too much on figuring out whether freelancing is a good option or not. But at this stage, you’ve already decided that it is a good option now it doesn’t matter anymore because you have already stepped into it. Now, what do you need to find out is whether your freelancing business idea is profitable for you or not.


If you fail to find out clients than your freelance business will never be successful. That’s why becoming a freelancer while working as a day job simultaneously is ideal. There’ very less risk and you don’t even have to worry about your the bills and their payment when the market is felt down.


  1. Planning Your Freelance Business: Now it’s the time to gather all your research work and make a perfect plan for the execution of a good freelancer business. But first, you must see to these below-mentioned things-


«Create Your Core Offering

«Set Your Freelance Pricing

«Build Your Freelance Business Assets.


  1. Execute Your Grand Freelance Plan: Research work is done, planning is done now here is the final step, that is becoming a freelance officially by executing the grand plan and make it act. Put a proper attractive business name, create the business official website, give a mind-blowing logo, register your business, and host it in a grand way. You can even take a full-time job and make freelancing a passive income source.


Final Words

So these are some basic things that can help you to go for freelancing rather than being a worker of the day job. Though freelance has a lot of work to do and he/ she don’t get all the benefits that a day job gives but still it is a good option for many who have some passion and desire to work.