How to bring the spark back into a relationship


A new relationship feels like heaven on earth. The desire is at its peak. You can’t keep your hands off each other. You mirror each other’s actions and goals and time stand still for the new lovebirds. The sex is mind-blowing and the date nights blissful. We can all relate.

With time, life takes a toll on our relationship. We’re juggling so many balls in the air from career to finances and family trying to find a balance. All the while, our relationships tend to take the backseat.

If your relationship is a bit rusty, then it’s time to reignite the pleasure. How do you rescue this sinking ship and bring the spark back? We’ve got you covered. Rekindle the passion with these amazing tips:

1.Quality time equals strong bonds:

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you know how fast the honeymoon phase fizzles out, and life gets in the way of good loving.

We become preoccupied with family, work, finances and school and spend less quality time with our partners and between the sheets. Kick-start your love life by creating more time for your partner.

Schedule date nights, hobbies or vacations to strengthen your bond as long as sex is the destination. Anticipation builds pleasure. Getaway to a whole weekend of passion. You’ll be glad you did it.

The less time you spend together, the faster you grow out of love. Less time together leads to less intimacy, and the attraction fizzles out. The desire burns out slowly, and before long, lovers become strangers. No wonder divorce rates are over the roof.

2.Reignite the Fireworks:

Are things in the bedroom getting a little bit drab? If your relationship is characterized by regular, boring sex patterns, it’s time to turn up the heat and add some sizzle. Foster emotional intimacy. Find out what your partner’s needs are while communicating your needs in a loving way.

To rekindle your sexual chemistry, allow tension to build. You can consider changing locations. Have you noticed how exciting and erotic vacation or hotel sex is more than your ordinary at home sex? Hotel reservations and getaways are smart moves. Also, prolong foreplay and show physical affection.

Men, if you aren’t satisfied with your sexual stamina and need to boost things up, we’ve got you covered.  With the best duration spray, you can last longer, and your partner can also reach their orgasm faster too.

3.Keep off the negative filters:

Are you a radiator or a drain? Radiators are optimists. They are people magnets and make you feel good spending time with them. Drains are pessimists who complain and whine about everything. They are in a constant negative spin and bitch about everything.

What energy are you radiating? Are you positive and upbeat, or are you mostly in a foul mood sucking the peace and happiness out of your partner? Constant nagging and complaining drain the spark right out of your relationship.

So how do you lighten up things? Find a positive and humorous spin in every situation. Find exciting conversations to have with your partner and ways to inject some fun into your life. With as much positive stuff going on in your life, you’ll have less misery and more excitement to share.

4.Reinvent your Image:

Looks count in the dating game. We tend to look our best and put in the effort when soul searching or at the beginning of a new relationship. But once we’re in a stable relationship, it’s all too easy to let trivial things take a backseat. Life gets in the way with finances, work, and parenting, grabbing a huge chunk off your limited time.

However, sloping around in shapeless clothes, dull, lifeless skin, unwashed hair and gross body odor gradually kills your level of attraction and drains your sexiness. Your self-esteem also gets a beating. If you’ve let things slide, then you need to reinvent.

Bring your sexy back. Invest in your appearance and body confidence no matter your age or how many pounds you’ve packed over the years. When you make an effort to look nice; skin healthy and glowing, clothes that flatter your body shape- you signal to the world that you value yourself.

When you look better, you feel better and maintain your level of desirability to your partner. Strive to ensure your erotic connection is always fresh. Make an effort to be seductive and spark some mystery overtime to keep the desire alive.

5.The Art of Conversations:

You are growing, changing and evolving with time, and so is your partner. How well do you know your spouse? It’s dangerous to assume they are the same person you knew three years ago. Familiarity is not the same as understanding. What are their goals? What has changed? What are their struggles? What’s their love language?

Don’t get into the habit of taking each other for granted. You get comfortable and before you positive reinforcement instead, snap! The passion fizzles out. It’s crucial for couples to learn the art of thoughtful conversations.

Your relationship should be based on zero entitlement, and every day ask, “How can I be great for you?”

Relationships don’t end overnight. It’s the small misunderstandings not addressed which snowball over time. Steer clear of criticism. Even positive criticism is still criticism and can rub your partner the wrong way. Practice positive reinforcement instead. Sweat the small stuff. Praise and reassure more and judge less.

6.A couple that plays together grows together:

When was the last time you and your partner indulged in some bedroom fun games? A healthy, fulfilling sex life demands lots of fun play. Don’t be too serious or else things can get quite stale and boring pretty fast.

When you introduce some fun and sexy bedroom games in your relationship, you increase the level of intimacy with your partner. Fun games also prolong and build sexual tension during foreplay leading up to mind-blowing sex.

Not sure where to start? There are loads of sensual books of sex games to help keep the thrill. You can pick out a few favorites and try out new ideas with time.

Bottom line:

Stuck in an everyday rut? Is your relationship a dull, lifeless routine? All is not lost. You can still salvage the situation. With these solid tips, you can rekindle the romance and rediscover the spark. If you want to grow and maintain your level of desirability plus become your partner’s ultimate fantasy, it’s vital you keep your relationship fresh and electrifying.

Keep in mind; nothing lasts a lifetime unless you’re committed every day to work towards that lifetime.