How To Convert YouTube Videos to OGG


YouTube’s default file format is MPEG4 (.mp4) which works well for many people and most devices. However, if you would like to convert YouTube videos to a free and open-source file type Ogg files could also be the simplest choice for you.

What is Ogg?

Ogg files (.ogg) are free, open video file formats that provide efficient streaming and editing of high-quality digital multimedia. The Ogg file format was created and is maintained by the Foundation.

Ogg vs. MP3

The purpose of Ogg files was originally to supply an open-source alternative to MP3 files. The developer of MP3 files claimed that they were entitled to royalties for any commercial use of MP3 files, so Foundation looked to make a free alternative. Ogg files audio file size is smaller than MP3 with an equivalent audio quality.

Ogg files contain chunks of knowledge called “pages”. These are almost like other multimedia files that use layers that every contains information about the audio or video within the file.

How to Convert YouTube to OGG

The easiest and fastest thanks to convert YouTube to OGG is to use a YouTube downloader and converter. There are variety of downloaders that employment with YouTube, but I’m getting to specialise in one: Ontiva Video Downloader.

How To Convert YouTube Videos with Ontiva Video Downloader

You cannot turn a YouTube video into an MP2 format with none converter. during this case, you’ll find a couple of converters that provide you this file format. i might suggest you select Ontiva YouTube video converter to urge standard quality output. this is often the sole website that gives you all the video and audio services under one platform. This converter facilitates you to customize the bit rate manually as you would like . another important thing is that you simply are getting to run the mp2 file on your iPod. So i need to remember of making any junk file.

To convert YouTube videos to mp2 format, you’ve got to travel through some easy steps. Just open Ontiva’s YouTube converter in your browser and let it run. attend YouTube and look for your video that you simply want to convert. Copy the link of the video and are available to the converter. Paste the link on the search box up the converter. it’ll collect the video data automatically. Then, set the format from the list like MP2 during this case. Select the bit rate regarding the video quality. Click on the beginning button and let it convert the file. After the conversion, set the situation where you would like to download the file and click on on the download button. it’ll download the file automatically.

To avoid any quite inconvenience, you would like a sound internet reference to your device. close up the antivirus in your device. you’ll need to take permission from the apple store to run this operation. Just allow this converter to run in your browser. you’ll convert the mp2 enter to mp3 anytime following an equivalent thanks to run the file in other devices.