How To Decorate Student Accommodation


Understanding how to decorate student accommodation can be all that is needed to get colleagues wowing and drooling over your apartment.

The secret to a stunning accommodation decoration is the creativity in arranging what you have in your apartment and the addition of a little art or decorative colours.

Tips To Decorate Student Accommodation

So we said colleagues are marvelled by what they see, but sometimes it’s about you having a comforting feeling when you return from school after a three non-stop period.

The scene and looks around you can certainly help ease that stressing feeling. You never can tell the power of creative art on a stressed soul. Let’s cruise around more of these decorative tips for student accommodation.

  • Photos Around

This doesn’t only help when you feel homesick; its colourful appearance helps to give life to your room.

To take it a different level, have beautiful family or friends pictures printed out from your phone or camera and get a frame while at it. That does not only give visitors something cute to stare at; it also gives your room a buzz.

  • Wall Posters

Your budget doesn’t allow you to paint the wall yet or you just haven’t figured the time for it? There’s an alternative that might be the best go, posters.

A poster of things you admire or arts that are inspiring or decorative can help give a sparkling look to your accommodation.

However, when using posters on the wall, watch out for sticky tapes that can disfigure the wall. And yes, you don’t need to use nails on the wall when it comes to frames, there are removable patches that can do the work.

  • Fairy lights

Oh Yes. You can establish a cosy and warm feeling with lovely fairy lights. Where best can they fit? Your bedside, your mirror or sofa.

These lights are perfect for almost every mood, but should you feel angry or frustrated by the day’s lecture and would love to shun all distractions, the lights can then be turned off to give you some privacy in your room. Lol

  • Be Tidy, Declutter

Who is criticizing a student for being careless and untidy at some point? They probably didn’t experience school.

It’s understandable that sometimes, you get home and wish to get undressed by a machine. But the closest to that is dumping your tiring wears anywhere your hands or legs tiredly directs.

Meanwhile, a fabulous hint to decorating student accommodation is to cultivate the habit of being tidy as much as possible.

An untidy room is not beautiful or decorative, no matter the number of fairy lights, astonishing works of art or memorable and compelling pictures on the wall.

Taking Care Of The Kitchen

What is decorative accommodation without an appealing kitchen? Oh, yes, the kitchen might not be a frequented section of the apartment.

It can be sad, the eateries and burger joints have taken away most of its use. Nonetheless, accommodation isn’t complete and presentable with an unorganized or unpleasant kitchen sight.

Do we come to rescue students here also? Yes, the kitchen is less visited, and when demanding projects and courses come into the picture, we wouldn’t blame students for visiting the kitchen once or twice in a day to grab soda in the midnight or use the microwave oven after a long day at the library.

Nonetheless, the following tips can help complete the decoration of student accommodation, the kitchen especially.

  • Declutter 

The living room isn’t the only one in need of this practice. You are using the microwave often, but do you still have a use for some items under the cabinet? Does that small plastic still have a purpose? Decide and ship out abandoned and unuseful items.

  • Good positioning

Creativity is everything. Once you can be creative in the positioning of your microwave, plate racks, or cutlery compartment, your kitchen is set!

Importantly, microwaves can be positioned in stylish ways that give your kitchen a streamlined and befitting look.

The fun and sweet feeling of being in an appealing and beautiful accommodation cannot be overemphasized, but quite unfortunately, most students don’t have the ideas to decorate their accommodation.