How to design a good photo book layout?



Taking photographs have evolved into passion, art, hobby, profession and sometimes even a necessity. There are a number of individuals who have pursued this as their entire career. In fact, importance of taking photographs cannot be undermined in this day and age.

Having a photo book is equally important. Some prefer to purchase it from platforms like while other designs their own. However, designing is not that easy. The composition of the photo books matter a lot. Nevertheless, here are some ways in which a good photo book layout can be designed:

  1. Less is more

Putting a lot of photos in one layout is not a good idea. It looks more like a clutter. Photos must be given some breathing room. The number of photos which will be inserted in one spread will correlate directly to the size of book. There are many companies which produces readymade photo books. You can consider their sizes and take an idea. Just ensure that it doesn’t look gaudy and cluttered.

  1. A focal point must be created

By letting the photograph to have its own spread, you will be able to highlight a beautiful image. This is how you can create a focal point of the photo book. There are other ways as well to create a focal point. One of them is to have more photos in a layout and some supporting photos. Placing more photos in the layout will never create a good focal point so keep it to the minimal.

  1. Spread variation

This is one of the important factors to take into account when designing a good photo book layout. Make sure the spreads are varied a lot so that the viewer doesn’t get bored. The layout must be scattered throughout the book. The layout can be reconfigured as well so that it doesn’t look the same. The designs can be spread by reutilizing the layouts. The main objective must be not to stultify the viewer. Keep them entertained.

  1. Story telling

This is one of the effective ways to design a good layout. The photo book is supposed to tell a story. For instance, if you are making a photo book for the vacations, then you are sharing the experiences with the viewers. Decide on how you are going to tell the story. It is recommended to be chronological but you can be more creative if you want to. Just ensure that the story is conveyed in an innovative way.

  1. Preparation is the key

The key to create a good photo book layout is preparation. Designing gets much easier if you have prepared beforehand. Do not put all the photographs in a photo book design software. This will make the things more disorganized.

The bottom line

Purchasing a readymade photo book can be a great idea but designing your own layout is more exciting. Above are some tips to follow if you want to create something creative and innovative.