How to do a tailwhip on a scooter


Tailwhip is one of the first and beginner friendly tricks that you can learn. Performing a tailwhip may look digital, but it’s very easy if you know the right way to do it. Keep reading this article to know how to do a tailwhip on a scooter easily.

Practice tailwhip first

If you are a beginner about scooter tricks, then we will suggest you start with practicing tailwhip. Hold the scooter on a little above the ground and push it with your foot. Stop it with your foot as soon as it completes a full spin. Continue doing this until you feel confident and ready to ride again.

Start easy

Now start riding the scooter in the usual way. Put your weak leg on the middle of the deck and the other one on the ground. Grip the handle with both hand and keep the front tube straight. Push off the field with the strong leg while the other put is securely held on the deck. Push off the ground several times to get enough speed.

Now stabilize both your body and scooter using your arms. It will help you to rotate the scooter easily. Make sure that the handlebar is appropriately adjusted to suit your height.

Jump as high as possible

Jump as high as possible while both of your foot is on the deck of the scooter. Make sure that you are pulling the handlebar to lift it from the ground. You can bend your knees to create much elevation and jump much higher. Remember that the higher you jump, the easier it is to perform the trick. You will get additional time to complete the tailwhip adequately. Make sure that your feet are not coming off while jumping.

Push the deck with the back foot

Now when you are at the peak of the jump, push the deck with your back foot. Target the front area of the rear brake and push as hard as you can. It will start spinning the scooter in a full circle.

Spin the scooter

You can assist the spin of the scooter using your arm. Lean the handlebar a little in the same direction the scooter is moving. And then start leaning the handlebar in the opposite direction as it starts coming back to its previous position. You may find this step a little bit harder. So you can practice rolling the scooter to spin as you want while on the ground. Make sure that your hand is not leaving the handlebar during the procedure.

Land on the scooter

Landing on the scooter will be a little bit hard, and most people fail in this step. It is all about proper timing. Keep a careful eye on the deck of the scooter and notice the rotation. Stop the rotation of the deck before it touches the ground. Then land on the scooter with ease. Bend your knees while landing to reduce the shock. After landing on the scooter, turn your eyes on the forward direction and regain control of the scooter. Now, you have just completed the first tailwhip with your scooter!

As we say, tailwhip is not that hard as it seems. Hopefully, the above piece of writing will aid you in learning how to do a tailwhip on a scooter correctly.