How to Dress for Your Body Type


Wearing beautiful and elegant dresses is every woman’s pursuit. Wearing dresses beautifully is an art, however, not everybody realizes it. We all are different in many ways and the most prominent differences are facial features and body shapes. Our societies have been in a dilemma since dresses for oversized and large people are very rare.

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Finding the right article according to your size is a difficult thing. The majority of us do not even know their sizes. You need to ask the seller who is very interested in selling his product about sizes, he will tell you for free.

With the passage of time, our sizes will change. We should not ignore this fact. For instance, when you are going through the puberty period, your body, especially women, will change. Thus after every four years, you will have to check your body’s shape and size.


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Before I start telling the details and tips. Let me clear that you must acknowledge and love your body shape and it is not worthy of any sort of adoration.

Determine the shape of your body

According to general observations, the most common types of body shapes are apple shape, pear shape and glass watch shaped. You must look at yourself and decide which body shape you have got. Once you have known your body shape, select dresses will be easier.

Now let us see what kind of dresses will be suitable for your body shape.

For apple-shaped body

If you have got an apple-shaped body, then try to turn away the attention from the center of your body. You must select dresses which are not very fancy at the center. Maybe a-line and v-neck dresses will suit you better.

Tunics are the best for you. Don’t wear double-layered jackets which will make you look more fat even if you like that style. Try to have a long jacket and coat. Do not wear skinny and tight pants if you have got a heavy bottom, it will make you look weird. Try to wear loose pants.

Clothes for a Pear-shaped Body

Try to make your shoulders more prominent. You must wear scarves in winter. This will make your shoulders look more attractive. Jackets and tops which are designed at the front and center is good for your attire. Your aim is to make your shoulders more beautiful. Do not wear skinny pants, otherwise, your thighs will not look good. Similarly, mini skirts are not good options if you are a pear shape body.

For Hourglass shape

Hourglass shape gets a narrow waist. So wearing baggies and loose shorts will not look good.  Thus you can try to wear frocks with belts. Jeans and belts are the best combinations for you. V-neck and turtle neckline are the right attire. Do not go for maxis, and skirts can be a better option instead.

Wearing attractive clothes is not easy because your body shape requires different efforts. First, you must recognize your body shape. The sole purpose of wearing beautiful clothes is to feel confident and look charming. Thus, without understanding your needs, you may end up losing your confidence.