How to get rid of cancer through a plant


How to get rid of cancer through a plant It is just unbelievable fact that we can get rid of cancer through a plant. In China, a test was conducted to get rid of a certain type of blood cancer that is known as “Acute Myeloid Leukemia‎” through a herbal medicine of China, although, the test has been successful.

The test was conducted by the University of Hong Kong’s experts. According to them, Chinese physicians are using it from years. However, we can get better results by mixing it with other medicines.  The Acute Myeloid Leukemia is most severe state of blood cancer.  Such like patients were extracted via a particular kind of plant that is called “Plum yew”.

In such a way, these patients got cured with this deadly disease successfully. But, along with it, some traditional medicines were also given to them that helped them for getting rid of the cancer.

This cancer is cancer of the white blood cells that does not leave life with ease. 24 patients were included in this disease, in which 20 out of them were got cure after taking medicines. Out of them, medicines were also given to a 76 years old woman who did not face cancer until a year.

The medicine was also tested on elderly people. Earlier to it, there was not an exact treatment of Leukemia, but this plant that is called as “Plum yew” in China and Japan.