How To Get Spotified Like A Pro?


Being a pro at your job is difficult in the beginning, when you have just started your work and you are getting acquainted to things. And especially if you are new to a platform which will help you in achieving your dream, then things get a bit more tough.

The music industry is very big, and there are a lot of top notch artists, who are ruling it. And therefore, if you are looking forward to enter the industry, the map has to be laid down along with directions. 

For entering the music industry it’s important to have skills which back your popularity and stardom. If by the collective effort of your team and your dedication, you reach the top, then the way would not get easier, but more difficult. It’s true right? Once you reach the top, you will have to maintain your position. And staying at the top, for too long can be quite difficult as well as challenging, but then again, you don’t really have an option, do you?

Let’s talk about some of the most famous music platforms, and the way in which you can set the ball rolling for your career.

Spotify, a Huge Stage set for you!

Well the title is catchy, as well as true. 

Spotify is just like a decorated stage, where you can go and give your best to receive the appreciation of the users and also the accolades. But for being on that stage, you will have to face some barriers. In fact, more than facing those barriers, you will have to overcome them. 

For getting spotified like a pro, it will be important that you share your talent with others. I mean to say that you will have to publish your tracks over the platform in order to get ahead. The genre as well as the sub-genre should be decided in advance, and then you get your music on Spotify. In fact, in some countries where there are limitations, people have also used some of the third party apps such as TuneCore, CDBaby, etc., for getting their music onto Spotify. 

Once you have uploaded the content, it will be important that you upload and arrange it in a playlist. In a playlist of your genre, users can find your music easily and they can listen to it without any difficulty. And along with that, you should also have a separate playlist which goes by your name, so that music lovers can find your tracks whenever they search your name in the bar.

Plays are What Makes you Spotted

The other important thing will be to get in touch with people in your industry. If you are trying to get to spotified like a pro, then you can definitely get in touch with some of the existing pros of your industry. It’s an important step, as they can share some valuable piece of advice with you. 

Instead of going the hard and long way, it’s very much possible that the top artist may give you some tips, which make things easier for you.

And more than that, you can also think of a collaboration with that artist. For grabbing the attention of people, if you work with an established artist or director, then you can get a lot of eyeballs. If you have a budget, then I’d say do try it as it will create a big impact on your growth as well as the total number of Plays which you get. Also you can ease your efforts a lot by getting in touch with some promotion agency or a well-known digital marketing company such as PlaysWiz to take advantage of paid promotion. They will research, create a personal marketing plan, and then provide you extra plays, listeners and followers depending on your budget. Take time to consider their rates by the link to see their Spotify-focused marketing plans. Usually it doesn’t take much time as well as it’s not costly.

Being active on social media and being in the news, can also help you in increasing your Plays. If people get to know you through your page, etc., and if you are smart enough to link all your handles as well as your Spotify profile in your bio, then you will be able to get a lot of Plays and the traffic will be directed to your page. 


So these are some of the tips with which you can spotified like a pro. And the most important thing will be to have your huge fan base, so that you never fall short of support and appreciation. In fact, then only even your plays count will keep rolling!