How to Get the Perfect Virtual Assistant on Your First Try


Hiring a virtual assistant is one of the critical decisions to make as a seasoned or budding entrepreneur. To increase productivity, you need to delegate specific tasks or functions to people other than yourself.

This is necessary because as they say, ‘time is money’. By assigning these tasks to someone else, you can focus your energy on the more important activities that can actually impact on the growth of your business.

This article is going to help you make the right decisions on your first hire. So sit back and pay attention.

Know the Difference

Remember that hiring a virtual assistant is different from hiring a generic freelancer because a freelancer only works on projects outsourced to him while a virtual assistant remains an integral part of your team with a deep know-how of internal operations.

A virtual assistant from one of the top virtual assistant companies would be dedicated to your cause while a freelancer may have more than one client and not give you all his attention.

Outline the Tasks to be Allocated

Create a list of every task or process you intend to delegate to your virtual assistant. If these are tasks that you handle daily, take the time to create training manual. That way, they can learn to do the tasks precisely the way you want it without excessive or constant corrections from you. For the best hires from top virtual assistant companies, itemize the outcomes you would like accomplished rather than a specific task or process.

Put Up a Job Description

Now that you have itemized the tasks you would like to outsource, the next thing is to build a job description that aptly specifies the responsibilities for the intended role. Some of the information in the job description are:

  1. Summary information about what you do and the industry you serve
  2. Academic background, skills, and experience of the potential candidate
  3. Duties as well as responsibilities
  4. List of software, and certification, or applications that are required for the job


Share Your Virtual Assistant Job Ad

Once you have finalized the job description, the next is to disseminate the information you are looking for in a virtual assistant. You can get the word around by word of mouth, looking for referrals, or you could spread your ad via the internet.

Review and Receive Applications

After receiving an adequate number of applications, go through the lot, and schedule interviews with candidates in the top 1%. You may choose to conduct a video interview, which gives you a chance to appraise the candidate without physically meeting them in person.

Tests and Trial Period

Some candidates are only good on paper. By testing them, you can evaluate their skills in real-life situations. Once you have picked your virtual assistant, put them on a probationary period before making the position permanent.

Final Thoughts

Hiring your first virtual assistant is not an easy job. Follow these tips to ensure your first hire adds value to your business.