How to get Web Hosting for free?


If you’ve been at least a bit accustomed to the world of marketing on the internet, you’ve probably heard about a thing called affiliate marketing. The basis of such a concept is very simple – you get a link that links to another website and for every visitor that clicks on the link, you get some sort of benefit for yourself.

Affiliate marketing can come in many forms and niches and hosting is one of them. In exchange for leads or valuable traffic for a hosting provider, you can get some sort of benefit. One of such benefits could be free hosting of course.

In this article I’ll discuss more about how affiliate hosting works in 2019 and beyond. If you’re running a tech or computer-related blog this option might be extremely helpful in not only gaining profit, but gaining other profit as well.

Affiliate hosting in a nutshell

Web hosting affiliate programs revolve around selling hosting plans for clients, except in a bit of a different way. In this case, a hosting provider pays for your advertisement efforts of their services.

To be more specific, you include a link or a number of them on your website or offer them directly to potential clients. So, if a person uses one of your provided links, you’ll receive some sort of compensation in the form of a commision.

Here is a real example. It is a fact that the most popular type of hosting is shared web hosting. Let’s say you want to participate in Hostens affiliate program. Then you would register as an affiliate and you get you unique ID that you can share with the link. Let’s say you are writing a hosting review article and you want people to know what exactly you are reviewing. So you would put this link in your text just adding a small tail to that URL that will identify you as the beneficiary when someone clicks that link and makes a purchase.

For some businesses it may be very beneficial to receive an offer of completely free hosting in exchange for their affiliate works instead of receiving a financial commision. If you’re a bigger company that needs large resources for your website maintenance it could be far more beneficial to receive great hosting for free.

Main benefits of a hosting affiliate

There’s 3 main benefits in my opinion for joining an affiliate hosting program.

  • Your job is to link, that’s it – one of the main benefits of a hosting affiliate program is that you don’t have to worry about the product or the quality of it. 

That’s the job of the provider. You main job is just to link client’s to the providers website. You get compensation for being the third-party.

  • Affiliate programs are free to join – all you need to do is apply to the hosting provider and wait for their approval you don’t need any investment on your side, just join the project and get some sort of benefit.


  • A great source of income, or a way to get other benefits – lastly, affiliate programs are of course a great way of getting additional benefits for your company. You can either monetize your website for some money, or ask for a free hosting option for your website like some firms do.



If your company website or blog a popular entity on the internet, why not use it for your benefit? Becoming an affiliate of a hosting provider can be extremely helpful option for your business’ needs.

Their useful for both businesses and random consumers looking for a suitable hosting provider. So, why not join one yourself?

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