How to install Rainmeter and its Skins?



As we all know that Windows has allowed customizing the user interface by every mean possible but the native customization is restricted to mere wallpaper changes or applying the themes provided by the first party and some of the themes provided by the third party applications. The third-party applications provide a bunch of customization option to the user and let the user customize the user interface according to them. Rainmeter is one of the best (in my opinion the best) third-party application which lets you customize the user experience to the fullest.

What is Rainmeter

Immensely customizable, Rainmeter is free to use software which lets you transform the desktop looks according to you. It is done with the help of skins and layout system. It is used to show some of the important information like clock, processor usage, ram usage on the desktop, which can be customized in the unimaginable ways. There are various skins available but applying them is not that easy.

What is a Skin?

Rainmeter uses skins to customize the user interface.  A skin, we can say that is a combination of many things. Some of them can be very simple or their purpose will only to meet a single requirement. But there are some complex ones too! Because they are whole applications themselves. One skin can interact with other skin with the help of simple coding language of the Rainmeter application. There are various skins available in the application, the main part is that “how to download and install them?”, but there are various skins and finding the suitable one can be a hell of a task. Therefore if you have any skin as your personal best then you can follow the steps to install them.

How to install Rainmeter Skins

There are no. of steps to do so. But first of all, we have to install Rainmeter application. You can download the application by downloading the setup file from the given link above and perform the following.

  • Click on the setup file you downloaded from above link.
  • Just click “Next” when it shows up on your screen.
  • Click on “Install” with administrative privileges and click on “yes”.
  • Click on the “Finish” and it will be installed on your computer.

Now, that the application is installed, its time to download and install some of the skins and the steps to that will be way simple than you might think. You can download the skins from any of the third-party sources. And the Best Rainmeter Skins in the native application can be downloaded in the same way.

  • Download the skin of your choice and you can select from this list of ours.
  • You have downloaded the skin, just click on it and it will be installed on your computer.
  • An icon will be displayed to the desktop and you can customize the configuration there all according to your choice.


1) Is it available for Mac also?                                                                             

No, it is only available for Windows.

2) It is licensed or not?                                                                                             

No. it is an open-source application and free to use.

3) Can we download the skins from third-party?                                             

Yes, it is very easy to download the skins from the third-party sources.


By following the steps you are now able to download and install Rainmeter skins on your computer. You can now customize the desktop user interface and it looks by the skins downloaded and installed from following the given steps. That’s it from my side on this topic and if you still have any query in your mind, feel free to comment down and we will let you know by all means possible by us.