How to Invest Your Retirement Money for a Steady Income


As a person about to retire, you may be excited and worried at the same time, excited because you are about to experience some of the halcyon days of your life free from work. You can finally travel the world and have time to do whatever is on your bucket list. But, this freedom has strings attached. Traveling the world and having fun does not come cheaply.

When you spend and do not make more money, it is easy to find yourself broke in a matter of months. So, how do you keep a steady income while on retirement without having to go in for work? Invest your money. Here are several areas to invest where you will certainly get a steady income.

  1. Consider retirement income funds

Retirement income funds are specialized in a type of mutual fund where they automatically allocate your money across several diversified portfolios of bonds and stock. They do this by owning several other mutual funds. These investments are made to produce a monthly income, which is distributed to members. Some funds have the goal of increasing the monthly income and using principals to meet these payout targets.

  1. Buy bonds

When you buy a bond, you are loaning your money to the organization, government, or the municipality. The borrower should pay you interest for the time when the bond matures, and the principal is returned to you. The interest gathered from the bond can be a great, steady income for retirees. You just need to figure out whether you need a short, mid, or long-term bond. There are also bonds with adjustable interest rates and high-yield bonds which pay higher amounts but have a lower quality rating. But, you also need to keep in mind that the principal value of bonds can fluctuate as interest rates can change.

  1. Rental real estate

Rental property is an excellent way to have a stable income. How to prepare for retirement should greatly entail finding a steady source of income. Although there are some maintenance requirements. You are guaranteed that these rental properties are appreciating each year. Before you buy the rental properties, ensure that you take time to calculate the rent you will be getting each month and the expenses you are likely to incur in this time-frame. Remember that you will not always have tenants.

This is not a get rich quick proposition. You will need to take time and look at other properties and the area you are buying to ensure the area is secure and that there are no climatic conditions that will derail your income. Don’t invest in real estate without doing your homework.


Remember that investing for a steady income after retirement requires that you start a few years before you retire to see whether the investment will pay out as you expected. You have to do thorough research to see what has high and consistent returns. You also need to be careful, so you do not invest in pyramid schemes that will not pay out in the long run. With time, you will understand better what you need to do to have spending money when you retire.