How To Perform Reverse Image Search in Android and iOS



One thing which is increasing at a rapid pace is technological advancement. At present, even the basic tasks that we perform today are technology dependent. In addition to that, the use of smart phones is increasing rapidly. What do you do these days if you want to order a pizza for yourself? You would not sit in front of your laptop, browse the internet, open your favorite food ordering website and place the order. A smart phone would be much faster than this and you would get done with the ordering process in a much shorter span of time. With the help of prepostseo tools you easily perform effective image search in your Android and iOS devices.

The use of reverse image search is very simple whether you are using an Android phone or one with an iOS platform. Through a reverse image search, you can get various benefits. For instance, if you have an image and want to know more about it, this can be done through the reverse image search. A lot of users are interested in knowing about the actual source of an image. This can also be done by using the reverse image search option.

Reverse Image Search from Android

Although the process of conducting a reverse image search does not differ a lot whether you are using an android based device or one with an iOS platform but it is better to look at each platform independently.

If you have an android based device (smartphone or tablet), you can use the following options to carry out the reverse image search on your device. If you are using Chrome on your Android phone, you can use the following steps.

  1. To start with, open the image in Google Chrome browser for which the reverse image has to be done. Once the image has been opened, you need to hold it until a list of options appears on your screen.
  2. Among these options, you need to select the “search for Google” option. Once you have selected this option, you would see all the web pages on which the image has been uploaded. Along with that, you would also be able to find the actual image source. This is required when you are looking for a clearer copy of the image. At times, we may get an image according to our requirements but it may not have clarity. This is when you need to access the actual source of the image.

Other options to perform reverse image search on Android

The following alternatives can be used as well if you want to perform reverse.

  1. The Image search tool

For android users, the image search tool is an amazing tool to perform reverse image search. Through this image, you can get more information about the image you want. Along with that, you can get your hands on better resolution options and access more image related information as well. You can share images using two options. Either you can upload an image from your phone memory or click a snapshot and share it right that minute. Once an image is shared, an alert would be set up. As soon as the same image would be uploaded on any other online platform, you would get an alert. As compared to other image search options available, image search tool is a lot more popular and easier to use.

  1. The Search by Image tool

The “search by image” tool is similar to the “Image search tool”. It is a good tool to reverse search images from popular searching platforms like Google and Tin Eye. The method is very simple. Once you have shared the image, all the possible alternatives of the image would be shown to the user. Other than that, once the image has been shared, whenever the image would be uploaded to a new source, the user would be alerted about it. It is a reliable tool reverse image search tool for Android users.

Reverse Image Search from iOS

The following options can be used to perform reverse image search on the iOS platform.

  1. Search by Image Extension

If you are an iOS user, this option would work for you. To start with, you need to share the image. This can be done by using the browser directly or a photo app. After that, you need to select the “search photo” option and all links where the same picture has been uploaded would be displayed on your screen.

  1. Using Reversee App

When you talk about the apps available for reverse image search for iPhone, a number of options are available. However, Reversee is a much better app than the alternatives available. It allows you to crop the image before using it for reverse search. Once you share the picture, you can see all the alternatives available online.

  1. Using the Safari Browser
  • For this option, you would need to have the desktop version of the Safari browser on your phone. After that, browse Google on your iPhone using the Safari browser. On the browser, you will see an icon for “share”. You need to click this button for sharing the image. Once you are done with this task, you would be able to see all the alternate appearances of the same image.

Summing It Up

There is no doubt that reverse image search is an amazing option for users. Through it, you can figure out all the alternate appearances of an image that you have. Along with that, you can also determine the actual image source. Today, most people use the internet using their smartphones and the count of people using computers for this purpose is decreasing. Through the methods given above, you can glance at different methods through which reverse image search can be executed on android and iPhone platforms. The whole image development process is a complex path to execute.

Reverse image search comes in handy when you have an image but the resolution is not up to the mark. This is when you can use this method to determine the actual source and download a better copy as well.