How to send a fax from Outlook?


Do you want to send faxes from Outlook? You can manage this easily without a fax machine or modem. With the use of an email to fax service, it is possible to send and receive faxes. Nowadays, online fax services are famous for sending a fax from Outlook.

CocoFax is a leading HIPAA compliant fax solution. It enables users to send faxes directly from Outlook. You can manage to fax from a computer, phone and other devices.

CocoFax: To Send Faxes from Outlook

Receiving and sending fax through Outlook will be an easy job with CocoFax. It gets recognition from Forbes, PC World, Life Wire, Tech Advisor, etc. More than millions of people are trusting CocoFax from different parts of the world.

CocoFax enables you to send a fax via Outlook because it is completely secured. You can get the advantage of HIPAA compliant faxing. With this third-party fax service, it is secure to send your sensitive documents.

Keep it in mind that email is a digital platform and faxes need electronic lines. These systems are different and need support for communication. CocoFax becomes a translator between an email and a fax platform.

Things to Arrange for Outlook Fax

If you want to fax through Outlook, you will need an outlook account. Before creating your account on CocoFax official website, you have to get an email address for Outlook. Feel free to use your email account to register with Outlook.

Arrange an internet-enabled device to open an Outlook app. Windows smartphones and computers support this app. Make sure to connect your device to the internet to transmit an email.

Use your email ID to register with CocoFax and get your account. You can get a free trial for 30 days. During this procedure, you will be able to choose a fax number. Make sure to register an email ID (Outlook) to manage your faxes through CocoFax.

How to send a fax via Outlook?

Faxing with an outlook can be an easy procedure with CocoFax’s email to fax feature. Open an outlook account that you want to use to send faxes. See these easy steps to manage confidential faxes:

Step 01: Avail a trial period of CocoFax for 30 days. It is possible to select your favorite fax number.

Step 02: After completing your registration, you will be able to access a dashboard. It allows you to manage your faxes. To access CocoFax’s dashboard, you have to log into a CocoFax account through its official website.

Step 03: Tap on “Send Fax” button located at a corner of the dashboard. Attach your file that you want to fax and fill required fields, such as fax number of the receiver and a subject line. Double-check everything and tap on “Send”.

Fortunately, CocoFax supports different formats, such as jpg, png, xlsx, xls, docx, doc and pdf. After sending an email, you will get a confirmation. CocoFax will get your email, translate it to your added fax number and send it to this number. Once a fax is successful or unsuccessful, you will get its notification in your inbox.

Receive Fax via Outlook

Receiving faxes through Outlook is easy than sending them. You will receive faxes in your account without any extra effort. After registering an Outlook account on CocoFax, you will receive your fax communications on the same number.

For this reason, you must have a fax number to receive faxes. CocoFax dashboard allows you to send and receive faxes. Make sure to use the similar outlook ID you have registered with CocoFax. If you want to send a fax via Outlook, use your fax number followed by

Remember, without adding, CocoFax will not receive emails and send them to the receiver. After registering with CocoFax, you will get your fax number for almost 30 days. To continue using the same number, you have to upgrade your subscription.

If fax sent via Outlook is unsuccessful, CocoFax is not responsible because a turned off or busy fax machine can be the real culprit.


Faxing documents through Microsoft Outlook enables you to cut the unnecessary expense of supplies and fax machines. It allows you to promote eco-friendly business practices. If you want to send faxes through Microsoft Outlook, you will need a third party service.

CocoFax is a HIPAA compliant faxing service to become a translator between a fax platform and Microsoft Outlook. Create your CocoFax account and get the advantage of its unbeatable features.