How to transfer any file from PC to pc through networking?



Have you ever tried to transfer a file from one PC to another PC?

But you must would tried if you are fond of; maybe you’re able to transfer the file, and it may be possible that all your hard work has gone wrong.

If you are not transferring a file from PC to PC, but you want, so I am going to teach you a simple and easiest way of transferring a file from PC to PC.

Today I will tell you how you can transfer videos, images, documents and different files from PC to PC, Laptop to Laptop, PC to Laptop and Laptop to PC on any windows.

 For example

You work in an office or you are an admin of office, and there are many computers and laptops around you, and different windows are installed in these laptops and computers.

Like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or another.

Laptops are connected to WiFi and Computers are connected with cables. And you want to transfer your documents file with your colleagues and your employers.

When you are on such place, you need to know how to transfer the file, because it’s all part of the work.

 So let’s start,

If you have a file in your PC or laptop and you want to transfer file another laptop or pc.

 First method

The first method is that you can transfer that file through any paid drive into a computer from computer to computer, but it is a long process.

Second method

You have a file in window 8 and you want to transfer with other pc then: click on the network icon on the computer desktop, if you do not have a network icon on the desktop, then you click on my computer icon. You will see the network icon on the left side.

When you click on network icon you will see those computers icons which are connected to your computer through the network.

Now how to transfer file

First of all click on the start button on the desktop, There you will see a control panel option then click on this option.

There you will see a network and sharing center option, then click on the network and sharing center option.

There you will see your internet network, like, public network icon (bench), home network icon (home) and workplace icon (building) click on this.

Then you’ll see computers with whom you connected and your pc also.

If you have installed windows 8 in your computer and want to share the file in Windows 7, then click on the computer icon, in which window 7 installed from network option.

When you click on the window 7 computer’s icon then you would require username and password, after these requirements you can transfer any file easily.

Now you have do right click on that file click on the properties then click on share option then again click share option, Then click on (drag down) then you will have to select your target option, if you want so you can select (everyone) option, through which you could transferring work with someone else.

Then click on Add option, after that click on (permission level) (drag down) option, in this option you can select 1 of the 3 option just read, read/write and remove.

Just suppose, you have selected read/write option, when you will transfer that file, Users can read and write in this file.

If you select read option so the user just can read your file, Can’t writes.

Now click on the share option and your file has been transferred.

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