How to use a circular saw?



Circular saw it is a tool used as one of the basics of constructions. It is widely used to refine the carpentry work. The need for using a circular saw is definitely in trend as there are no latest technologies to do the work in its place. Learning how to use a circular saw is in your benefit as this is going to save the money you are going to spend on a carpenter. If you acquire this field of expertise, you would be able to do the small house mending chores yourself. So, if you are now thinking to practice your skill, here are a few tips and instructions that will help you do this work neatly and efficiently!

  • Use of proper blade:

How you are going to use the circular tool depends on the type of blade fixed r mounted on the plate of the circular saw. The quality and the brand of the circular blade and the circular saw also affect the standard of work done. Thin-knife blades and the carbide blades suit best to the circular saw. They are quite often used for the cutting to round wooden edges neatly. Diamond blades and cut off wheels are also often used for the cutting of abrasive materials like stones, graphite, asphalt, concrete and for cutting parts of heavy machines. Tungsten Carbide tipped blades, and high-speed tip blades are also available.

  • Protection for your eyes:

Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body. The work dealing with the cutting of hard surfaces delicately often involves breakage of tiny parts or splinters which might enter your eye or even harm your skin. One cannot afford the damage to the eye as it may permanently affect your sight. For this purpose, safety goggles are available in the market which will prevent any splinter or piece from reaching your eye. So do not forget to use it before starting your work with the powerful circular saw.

  • Steps before Cutting:

To end up with a neat cut where accurately it is required, first of all, one should mark out the line where the cut needs to be placed. A slight inaccuracy may produce a big error in your work so be vigilant. Set the material to be cut at the right distance and set the depth at which the blade will be used. Different depths are used for different types of work. Similarly, the speed of the rotation of the blade can also be defined according to the calibration provided on your circular saw. Do not forget to check the saw guard; it is there for your protection. If you reach the surface and the blade repels it, wait until the blade starts working smoothly. Now very evenly start cutting the surface while keeping an eye on the guide to cut accurately.

  • Use of circular saw without a table:

If you do not have a table to work on, then clamp it between the two clips on a stand. This will fix the object in place and will enable you to put an accurate cut. However, if you would not clamp it, the cuts marked would not be precise and sharp.