How to Use Social Media for Your Car Dealership



As the business world changes, technology has also changed, more people are using the internet to do business. Technology has simplified the way people buy and sell goods via the internet. Every business owner is looking for ways to advertise their business and make it know to a wider coverage. Social media is the answer to this.

In the past and even today, car dealers spend more money when doing their marketing. They market their products via traditional marketing channels such as TV, billboards, newspapers and radios. Today, marketing can be done in a new way such as using the pay-per-click ads.

Unfortunately, many business car dealers seem not to know the advantages that come with using social media which is a free way to market their products. How can a car dealer benefit from social media? Social media can benefit car dealers in numerous ways and one of the ways is getting new customers.  Also read UberPool.

This post provides some ways how car dealers can effectively take advantage of social media. Social media marketing is one of the powerful marketing tools since it helps to connect with many people who can turn to be your potential clients. Read on.

  1. Personalize your social media posts

Let’s say you have created a page for your car dealership, you need to avoid making posts on your page that mainly resemble ads. Many at times you will come across dealers posting photos of the cars they sell together with price, terms and a lot of pecs. Although this is a good idea, it also has its problems. Buyers have been thinking of car dealers as greedy and bad middlemen that are aiming at ripping them of on every car they buy. So to avoid this, you must be funny, you must be willing to socialize with people in your network and be close to your prospects. This will make people get interests in following your posts and more possibly change their view of how they think of car dealers. For social media to be an effective tool for your car dealership, you must be customer-centered.

  1. Let social media to tell customers who you are

With social media, you must know it’s all about connecting with humans. By just posting long posts and ads, you are not going to obtain help. Tell a story and let social media to tell what you already told people. By storytelling, you are more likely to attract more customers and also build your brand loyalty. For your story telling, there are three powerful social media platforms which are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, not forgetting LinkedIn. Post interactive content that is helpful to your clients. Post videos and posts of your happy staffs as well as customers.


To wrap up, social media is an incredible way to reach your existing and prospects and build a firm relationship with them. The good thing with social media is that, it doesn’t consume much time. Only 20 minutes are enough to make a post and reach millions of people for free worldwide.